How To Play With Bots In PUBG Battlegrounds

How To Play With Bots In PUBG Battlegrounds: Many players are driven to PUBG: Battlegrounds because of its reputation as a more “hardcore” battle royale. 

They want to demonstrate their skills or enjoy a break from the competition. Therefore, it continuously releases new modes, intellectual properties, and concerts.

Many new players have gone since the game switched to being free-to-play. Still, for those who want to stick around and develop into one of the best pan-slinging maniacs on the battlegrounds. 

This guide will help them get off to the right start by increasing their chances of playing against bots.

Why Play Against Bots?

It’s no secret that PUBG: Battlegrounds is one of the market’s earliest battle royale games. As a result, it has contributed to the trend’s initial popularity. 

A more established player base is a sign of an older game. And it might be annoying to lose against opponents with levels in the high hundreds consistently.

PUBG: Battlegrounds users may have fun and discover which weaponry they like in a reasonably stress-free atmosphere by using bots. Who, although not flawlessly designed, are guaranteed not to cheat.

How To Spot and Play With Bots In PUBG

The bots in PUBG: Battlegrounds help improve a player’s abilities. But they nonetheless behave differently than any other player would. And as the following traits may identify such:

  • Fatal Curiosity: Bots will always rush to any loud noises, such as unsilenced gunshots, glass breaking, and car horns.
  • Strange Usernames: Players have odd names too, but bots almost always have an underscore somewhere in their names.
  • Lone Wolves: Bots rarely stick with their teammates – they almost always travel alone.
  • Heavy: Strangely, seeing a bot jump for any reason is extremely rare.
  • Plain Strange: After being shot, bots freeze up for a second before running to cover.
  • Bloodthirsty: If the player is hiding in cover, bots will begin pushing to flush them out after a few seconds.
  • No License: Bots never use vehicles – if players hear or see a vehicle moving, it’s being driven by a player.

Casual Mode

Everyone starts somewhere, so there’s no shame in playing casual mode. 

PUBG: Battlegrounds offers three casual games daily. So users may take advantage of them to choose a game that is assured to include at least 12 actual players, with the remaining spots filled by bots.

However, players should be aware of the following restrictions when participating in casual matches:

  • There is no level limit to joining Casual games – enemy players may be at a very high level.
  • Casual games always take place on the largest possible maps.
  • Casual games are all in TPP (Third-Person Perspective)
  • Casual matches can be played with friends, and enemy players can join the mode in squads.
  • Casual matches are best played at non-peak times to minimize the number of real enemy players.

Turn Off Crossplay

This method is most effective for console users. However, all players may still use it to enter a match where most adversaries are AI. 

Crossplay is enabled by default and may be disabled in the gameplay page of settings by selecting the “cross-play” option.

Although turning off crossplay may significantly lengthen matching times. A bot match will often be made in under five minutes.