Mirage Perfect Skyline February Class Tier List

Class Tier List: Players can dive into the battle of God against Demons within Mirage Perfect Skyline.

 Mirage Perfect Skyline has players picking from eight classes that they can choose for their Avatar. 

Each of the eight classes possesses its distinct abilities and capabilities. 

Selecting a class may alter the game’s direction and is why players must consult the tier lists of classes.

Here’s this page with the Mirage Perfect Skyline Class Tier listing, which lists the ranking and explanation of all the eight classes of Mirage Perfect Skyline.

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Mirage Perfect Skyline Class Tier List – Feb 2022

When they begin this game, gamers need to select a class for their character. 

The class can add additional characteristics for the player character. 

Based on the tier of the five characters in Mirage Perfect Skyline, the ranking starts from the top to the worst.

Hyun (S+ Tier Class)

This class can give your character speed with blades to slice through opponents. 

The Hyun class will create Qi through their edges, making them faster and more deadly.

Monk (S Tier Class)

Monk is the most well-known class with high strength from Mirage Perfect Skyline and has been voted among the most effective. 

In addition to the power, this class is also very comfortable to work with.

Lyn (A Tier Class)

Lyn is the name of the samurai, or the sword-maestro, which can give your character the ability to move through the enemy.

The Lyn class is an absolute must for those who love sword fighting, and every strike is devastating. 

The players can gain more abilities by completing specific levels.

Virtuoso (B Tier Class)

Virtuoso is the most powerful spell-caster of all Gacha fans, aware of how powerful a spell-caster can be. 

Suppose you have the right spell, Virtuoso’s ability to defeat an opponent by a single strike. 

Virtuoso players can gain more abilities at certain levels.

Maestro (C Tier Class)

The Maestro can create magic on his instrument because each string can charm his opponents. 

The players can unlock more Violin capabilities and also cords at certain levels.

This is the complete ranking tier-wise of all classes in Mirage Perfect Skyline.