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Removing barriers to mental well-being.

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Our story & mission

A new model
for mental health

Basis was born out of frustration with the current options for taking care of one’s mental well-being. After stints in two of the most intense corporate work environments around, Goldman Sachs and Uber, Andrew came to the realization that meditation and yoga weren’t enough to keep himself in a good state of mind. But he was still turned off by the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for a therapist. Dr. Lindsay Trent came at the problem from a different perspective. Her research focus was in dissemination and implementation of empirically-supported treatments. Over the years, she grew deeply frustrated with how little of what came from research made it into the real world. While conducting research in this area at Stanford Medicine, she was shocked to see the relative absence of legitimate practice among the most expensive services in the country.

Today, we’re a team with a shared goal of reimagining how everyday people take care of their well-being. We believe that being proactive about one’s mental health is relevant for everyone, and we’re building Basis with that belief in mind. With backgrounds in psychology, engineering and business, our team strives to reduce the barriers to achieving mental wellness.

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