A guided conversation to feel better.

Backed by Research

Basis' approach involves more than just listening, and research has shown it to be more helpful than venting to a friend.

On Your Terms

Basis sessions happen whenever and wherever you need them. They’re also 100% confidential 
and anonymous.

No Judgment

Up to 45 minutes fully dedicated to you. Talk through what’s on your mind with an objective, real person.

More helpful than talking to a friend

A Basis Specialist is a solid, dependable person who happens to be outside your inner circle. A confidant who doesn’t just listen, but hears you out. They’re trained to ask the right questions that push and prod you to look at things differently, with a fresh perspective. No judgment, just a conversation focused on you.

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When life happens, you can rely on Basis


“When my wife and I got married, I knew there’d be some hard conversations about my debt from grad school. Working with a Basis Specialist to make a plan and practice the conversation made it way easier.”

- Lyle, 32


“I put off studying for finals and felt really overwhelmed by the pressure and workload. Talking to a Basis Specialist made me feel a lot better and more in control of the situation.”

- Alex, 20


“I was having issues with my boyfriend but I didn’t feel like I could talk to friends or family about it. What if it changed their opinion of him? My Basis Specialist was a neutral, objective person to help me work through it.”

- Cristina, 23


“A terrible boss was really making life unpleasant. Basis helped me put the situation in perspective and come up with a plan to make it better.”

- Derek, 36


“I felt really guilty going back to work after my son was born. The support I received from Basis was critical. ”

- Deb, 31


“My in-laws were driving me nuts. Basis helped me work through a plan to manage them without hurting my husband's feelings.”

- Alice, 42

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1. Schedule

Choose a time that works for you and share some context for your session.

2. Connect

Join a video or phone session with your Basis Specialist at the scheduled time.

3. Talk

Explore what’s on your mind without judgment or bias.

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How It Works

A Basis session is a guided conversation that will help you feel better. The conversations are with real people that are trained in a research-backed approach that has been shown to be more helpful than just venting to a friend. The sessions take place via video or phone on our website or mobile app. They’re available same-day at a cost of $35 for a 45-minute session.

Our Mission

Basis is a new type of support system that fits seamlessly into your routine. We can’t always talk to friends and family about life’s tough moments, and Basis exists to fill that gap. It provides a trained ear that won’t judge and is fully focused on you.

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If you are in crisis or experiencing a medical emergency, do not use this site. Dial 9-1-1 or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.