When working out, cleaning it out or meditating it out still isn't helping.

Basis: A focused conversation that helps you feel and function better.

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100% confidential and anonymous

How it works

Basis delivers the science of feeling better and dealing with life's frustrations in an ultra-convenient experience.

On-demand access to specialists trained by a Stanford psychologist at just $35 per session.
In a single 30 to 45 minute video call, you'll gain perspective, tools and actionable steps to help you move forward.

1. Share some basic info about what brings you to Basis.

2. Indicate preferences for the Basis specialist you'll speak with. We'll match you accordingly.

3. Pick a time for your session

4. At the scheduled time, hop on a phone or video call. Your specialist will have the context you shared so you can jump right into the discussion.

5. End the session with a concrete takeaway and plan. The impact is immediate.

6. Schedule additional sessions as needed. No membership, no commitment.

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