Items to Choose in Rapport Chest in Lost Ark?

Items to Choose in Rapport Chest in Lost Ark; selecting the right things in your Rapport chest and giving them to the top NPCs is crucial for Lost Ark. The system of rapport in this game determines how you interact is with NPCs is. 

Based on how you build your relationship, you will be rewarded differently for it. This is where gifts are available since every NPC has something they enjoy and some they don’t like. Even though that might be true, not all NPC merits the same amount of time and effort. 

We will look at the top NPCs you can establish rapport with on Lost Ark and the most valuable item to choose from the chest of connection. Finally, select the fragrance of the peach for those who want to build rapport with Beatrice.

  • If you’d like to build your connection to Captain Cavery, choose Stalwart Cage.
  • You can pick Stern Scrap Iron If you are looking to boost your rapport in conjunction with Sasha.

The gifting of the above item to the respective NPC will ensure that your relationship grows with them in the best way.

Most NPCs you can build rapport with

  • Beatrice
  • Captain Cavery
  • Sasha

The better your relationship with them, the more quests and things you will receive from them. In addition, you might receive inquiries that provide information about the characters. 

If you do not have these NPCs unlockable, you’ll have to establish more relationships with other NPCs to reach them.

The Rapport system within Lost Ark works like how it is as it does in the real world. 

The more you can build rapport with the NPC, the more likely they are to believe in you and be more friendly. As we’ve said, when you are in good standing to the NPC. The more quests and rewards they provide you with.

How to Improve Rapport

There are three easy ways to improve your relationship with NPCs.

  • Emotes: You can use five emotes per day for the NPC you want to improve your relationship with.
  • Playing Instruments Like emotes, players can also play music five times per day for the NPC.
  • Gift them gifts. It is possible to give 99 presents to NPC each day. You can look it up in the Rapport menu to find out what they prefer.

Apart from the above strategies, you can also use potions and quests to boost your connection with your friends.