How to Get Scourgestone in V Rising

Get Scourgestone in V Rising: Scourgestone is a valuable resource in V Rising, as it is utilized to create magical items and consumables. 

There are multiple ways to gain this crafting reagent, and players should plan to pursue all of them at the same time to get the most Scourgestone. 

This article will go through each of these methods in-depth, and those who read it should be able to comprehend how to earn additional Scourgestone in V Rising.

How to Get Scourgestone in V Rising


After killing Lendra the Shadow Priestess, a Level 46 boss that can track through the Blood Altar, players will gain the ability to create Scourgestones in their Furnaces. 

However, it takes a lot of resources to make this substance, as it requires one Whetstone, three Glass, and three Grave Dust in V Rising. 

This is why this method should only use as part of a fan’s broader Scourgestone collection strategy.


Scourgestones can also gain by defeating opponents and looting containers at the Dunley Farmlands’ Church of the Damned and the Cursed Forest’s Ancient Villages. 

These areas have been marked on the map below, with the western Ancient Village being the most excellent farming resource.

Furthermore, the Skeleton Priests and Banshees that can spawn at a player’s Tombs have a chance to drop Scourgestones. 

After defeating Lendra the Shadow Priestess and Foulrot the Soultaker. Then survival game players will be able to summon these opponents, who will require Gem Dust, Highland Lotus, and Sunflowers.


Servants offer yet another way to earn Scourgestones; thus, players should be sure to include them in their farming tactics. 

For those unfamiliar with V Rising, if they complete the Army of Darkness mission, fans will be able to summon Servants. Who can then  dispatch on hunts by interacting with the Castle Throne. 

Successful hunts will yield a range of resources, and players should focus on those that can award Scourgestones.

In summation, fans should employ a three-fold method to acquire Scourgestones. Using their Furnaces and Thrones while also farming for it directly. 

Once a player has utilize this strategy to accumulate a material stockpile. They may wish to consider focussing their agricultural efforts on the Brighthaven Docks on the west side of the Silverlight Hills. 

Indeed, this is an excellent area for collecting practically every end-game resource in V Rising, except Scourgestone. And will reward fans for spending a bit of time there.