Our team at MyBasis are ten members, including 5 Content Writers, 2 Editors, 1 Designer, 1 Website Developer, and 1 Marketing Manager.

The team is dedicated to bringing you the latest news and guides from the world of Technology and the Internet.

Our Team Members

1. Saquib Hashmi

Saquib Hashmi is the finest writer and editor on MyBasis. You will find his guides on various categories, including Gaming and the Internet.

“I’m a tech-enthusiast always looking to explore new technology and learn new things. At the same time, always looking to help others by sharing the gained information through writing. I hope you find my blogs helpful.”

2. Maria Ray

Maria is writing Listicles for MyBasis. She has written many of our top articles, including “Funny Usernames.”

You can see many listicles by Maria regularly.

3. Mihika Gupta

If you love reading “Top 10” type of articles, then Mihika is the person to follow. She regularly writes articles on the Android category. One of her top articles is “Best Browser for Android.”

4. Aman Srivastava

The site has many articles about Gift Codes and how generators work. Most of those articles are written by Aman. Aman also writes How-to articles related to Windows on this site.

The article “How to Donate Robux” is also written by Aman.

5. Vinitha Durai

Vinitha is a very old member of MyBasis and has been writing articles for the site since Day 1. Vinitha has written articles of almost every type.

She is now writing list articles providing the best information to all our readers.

Apart from the above 5, many more employees work daily on ConnectivaSystems. The team always makes sure that they publish the best quality content daily.

To join our team or be part of ConnectivaSystems, head over to our Contact Page.