How to Armor Swap in Elden Ring (PvP)?

Armor Swap in Elden Ring (PvP) : It can be beneficial to know how to Armor Swap in Elden Ring PvP. It can be a game-changer to switch between your top weapons in intense battle situations.
This process is not easy for everyone. We have the perfect guide to help you learn more about armor-swapping.
We will be describing the process of changing armor in the game.

 How to Armor Swap?

 To swap armor in Elden Ring PvP, you must first go to the Equipment Menu. You can then see all the equipment that you have. You will find everything from weapons to armor shields.
Click on the armor you choose by hovering over it. This will apply the armor swap during battle.
You have many options when you use the Equipment menu. Do you need a new pair of gloves? You got it. Stronger helmet? This menu also has robust helmet options.
The slots on this menu aren’t unlimited, yet. It will be necessary to make advanced decisions about which armor best suits your needs.
There you have it. This is our quick guide on performing armor swaps in Elden Ring.
It is effortless to do so, as you can see. You can also reap the advantages of switching between weapons and armor, giving you an advantage over your competitors.