Wordle 331 Answer for May 16, 2022

Wordle 331 Answer: Another fascinating challenge from the New York Times in today’s Wordle answer of the day. At midnight, players from all over the English-speaking globe will log on to attempt to solve this puzzle, but some may require a few pointers to solve it without breaking their Wordle winning streak.

How To Play Wordle

Wordle clones abound, but this post will focus on the original, now available on the New York Times Games website. 

It was previously on the power language website, but it has been on theirs since the NYT acquired it in February. 

The rules and answers may alter depending on whatever version of Wordle the participants are using.

  • Go to the New York Times Games Website and search on the site for Wordle.
  • Select a word to start with. It should be a five-letter English word. The most offensive words were eliminated in The New York Times, along with most spellings that are not American words. Wordlewords are not pluralizations of words, even though they may use plurals to indicate. Wordleanswers could also include duplicate letters.
  • Enter the start word of the Wordleword into the website and hit enter.
  • The letters change colors: green for correct letters, yellow for letters that are not in the correct position in the word, and gray for incorrect ones.
  • Based on these clues, the players will have six chances to guess the correct answer.
  • Puzzles reset each day at midnight local time.
  • When the day’s challenge is completed, players can view what’s on the Wordlemenu that includes the share button, which is free of spoilers and some statistics. The stats include streaks of winning and the total amount of Wordlepuzzles completed, and many more.

Hints for the Wordle 331 for May 16, 2022

Today’s Wordle solution is tough but not as tricky as the previous 330 Wordle answers. Here are a few pointers for those who don’t want to read the complete book:

  • The current Wordle word chosen for today is two letters that are duplicated.
  • The word starts with a D.
  • It’s a verb that could mean “to dig into.”
  • It is composed of two vowels.
  • Word of the Day has an X.
  • This rhymes with the word TWELVE.

Answer for Wordle 331 for May 16, 2022

Look below this photo if you’re looking for the complete Wordleword today. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The answer to Wordle puzzle 331 is “DELVE.”

Wordle is available for any browser.