Wordle 329 Answer for May 14, 2022

Wordle 329 Answer : Wordle is one of the year’s most popular social networking video games. Almost everyone who has used Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit has seen those little yellow and green squares in their news feeds.

 Because not everyone has yet played Wordle, this page contains suggestions, advice, and even the solution to today’s puzzle.

How To Play Wordle

While other Wordle clones and specialty copycats are available, may find the original on the New York Times Games website. This is the game for which the rules and suggestions will be provided in this post. 

Other websites may have slightly different guidelines, and their puzzle solutions will almost certainly be entirely different. To that end, these are the guidelines for the New York Times’ Wordle.

Go to the site and choose a Wordle word to start with. It must be a simple English term with five letters. 

Wordle solutions will undoubtedly be Americanized spellings, and plural variants of words will be unusual. To begin, it’s preferable to choose a starting word that satisfies these criteria.

Press enter after picking a beginning word and entering it into the Wordle NYT Games page and watch the letters change colors. 

Each hue has its significance, which will aid players in getting a bit closer to the solution. These are they:

  • The green letters are correct.
  • Yellow letters are correct but should not use them in the wrong part of the word.
  • Gray letters are not correct and will not appear in the answer.

Players have six guesses to find the proper word of the day given these hints. There is just one puzzle every day, and it will not be available until after midnight local time.

Wordle 329 for the 14th of May, 2022

Even though today’s Wordle word of the day is relatively straightforward, here are some pointers to assist anybody stuck.

  • The Wordleword for today is a noun.
  • It starts with the letter M.
  • This noun can describe one of many substances from which cars are made.
  • It does not contain duplicate letters.
  • It includes one A.
  • One L is also included in the word.

Wordle 329 answer for May 14, 2022

If anybody still wants the full spoiler, whether they are cheating at the Wordle puzzle, they may find it just below the picture.

The answer to Wordle puzzle 329 is METAL.

Wordle is available for any browser.