May 13, 2022, Wordle 328 Answer

Wordle 328 Answer: Wordle, the popular word game, is back today with a new five-letter challenge for players to solve. Even though the adjective that players must guess today is a reasonably common term with no repeated letters, some players may need a few suggestions to get to the solution.

How to Play Wordle

Because Wordle has been so popular this year, there are several clones and knockoffs. However, this article’s tips, answers, and rules will only apply to the original housed in the New York Times games. 

The New York Times bought Wordle in February 2022, after Josh Wardle designed it for power language. Other clones may follow additional rules and provide different responses.

  • Visit go the New York Times games Wordle website.
  • Pick a beginning word.
  • Words must be five letters; an actual English word is not among the hundreds of Wordle words that the New York Times censored from Wordle.
  • Wordlewords are not typically plural and generally are the American variants of words. Words can also have letters that are duplicated.
  • Enter the beginning word on the website and hit enter.
  •  Colors of letters change. Green is right, and gray is not; yellow is correct, but not in the right place within the words.
  • The players have six chances to determine the answer.
  • Puzzles are reset each day at midnight local time.

Players will see the Wordle menu after finishing the puzzle of the day. Players will find their statistics and the spoiler-free sharing button here. 

As long as the user uses the same browser and device every day, the metrics include win streaks, complete puzzles played, guess distribution, overall wins, etc.

Tips for May 13, 2022, Wordle 328

The Wordle word of the day for today is a trendy term that should be pretty simple to guess. Some people will need some suggestions, so here are a couple without giving too much away.

  • This morning’s Wordle Wordle begins with SY.
  • The word “adjective” is a noun.
  • It has one vowel as well as the letter Y.
  • Also has one P.
  • It is free of duplicated letters.
  • This term refers to the person who has consumed alcohol.

Answer for Wordle 328 for May 13, 2022

The answer to Wordle puzzle 328 is TIPSY.

Wordle is available for any browser.