How to complete Hyetta’s quest in Elden Ring ?

Complete Hyetta’s quest in Elden Ring: Hyetta is one of many people you’ll meet in Elden Ring. When you finish her quest, you’ll get some pretty cool things. 

Compared to other quests in the game, Hyetta’s quest is simple and easy to do. This is true, but if you are new to the game and don’t know much about this quest, we’ve got just the thing for you.

 Here, we’ll show you everything you need to know about Hyetta’s quest and how to finish it.

How to Complete Hyetta’s Quest in Elden Ring?

Irina’s Questline is an excellent way to start and finish Hyetta’s Quest in Elden Ring before starting Hyetta’s quest.

 Irina will send you a letter you need for Hyetta’s quest, which is important because she needs that letter.

Then, you need to go to the Lake-Facing Cliffs to meet Hyetta, who will help you. Hyetta will ask you if you have any Shabriri Grapes to give her when you get here.

 That’s what this quest is all about. When you give Hyetta Shabriri Grapes, you need to look for the most of the time.

First Grape Location for Hyetta Quest in Elden Ring

For the first grape in Hyetta’s quest, you need to go to Stormveil Castle in the north. Make your way down a ladder and look for a small door. Find the first grape from this quest at this place.

Take a grape and go to Hyetta to see what it looks like. You will be given the “As You Wish” sign following the exchange. 

You can now rest at a Place of Grace before you meet Hyetta at her next place.

It would help if you went to the Purified Ruins to find Hyetta, so go there now. From the Laskyar Ruins, head east. Hyetta’s location is on the other side of the river.

Second Grape Location

As a good thing, you’ll be able to find the second grape for this quest not far from where Hyetta is. 

Find a cellar blocked by a wooden floor when you get to Purified Ruins, then look for a way to get in. Besides the floor, there are also some enemies in the area where you want to go. 

You need to kill the enemies and break the floor to get into this cellar.

There is a body on your left as you enter. The grape is on this body. You can also loot a nearby chest if you want to get your hands on the Two Fingers Heirloom.

Once you find the grape, please bring it back to Hyetta so she can eat it. She will now go to the Site of Grace at the Gate Town Bridge. She will go there next. There, you will meet her again.

Third Grape Location

In the quest to get the third grape, you need to kill Edgar, the father of Irina.

Go to Revenger’s Shack and head to the Site of Grace. There, you can kill this enemy. Doing so will make Edgar come into your house.

 Once he does, fight and win. Edgar will drop a Shabriri Grape when he fails.

It’s time to go back to Hyetta. Take this grape and go. She will ask what grapes are when she sees them. 

It would help if you were honest about what you said in your response, so say that.

Then Hyetta will go to the Site of Grace near the Raya Lucaria Academy. Hyetta will ask for a Fingerprint Grape instead of a Shabriri Grape this time.

Fingerprint Grape Location – How to Get?

To get the Fingerprint Grape, you first need to kill an Invader at the Church of Inhibition, and then you can get it.

 From the Grand Lift of Dectus, head south and move toward the church on top of a cliff. As soon as you get to the Church of Inhibition, Festering Fingerprint Vyke will be right there to greet you. 

If you want the Fingerprint Grape, you will have to fight and defeat Vyke.

Once you get the grape, go back to Hyetta and give it to her at the Bellum Church in her town.

Final Phase of Hyetta’s Quest – Frenzied Flame Seal

This is the last part of the quest for the Elden Ring. You will need to go to the Site of Grace at Frenzied Flame Proscription to finish it off. 

You will meet Hyetta here. After you finish all of her conversations, you will have to walk through the door. 

However, we need to tell you something. Doing so will cause one of Elden Ring’s endings to happen.

To finish the game, go back to the Frenzied Flame Proscription and touch Hyetta after the ending. 

After having a short conversation with her, you will be given the Frenzied Flame Seal, which will end Hyetta’s quest.

So that’s it. What do you need to know about Hyetta’s Quest? It’s easy to finish this quest if you follow the steps in this guide.