45 Best YouTube Challenges To Do in 2021

YouTube was known and used for watching funny cat videos, music videos, movies. But ever since individuals have started making their own content on YouTube, the platform has peaked like never before. These are the times of vlogs, live streams, and reaction videos. One more type of content that is loved by the audience is challenge videos. If you have your own YouTube channel and you’re wondering what content could you make, challenge videos could be one of them. So in this article, we are discussing 45 types of Youtube challenge videos that you could shoot for your own YouTube channel. So wait no more, your audience is waiting for your bang on content.

Top 50 YouTube Challenges 2021

Below are some funny, great, and creative challenges that can bring a lot of attention to your YouTube channel, as all these challenges bring out a good laugh, are challenging (obviously), and is fun to do. These challenges are already done by some big YouTubers like PewDiePie, Lilly Singh, Zoella, Tyler Oakley, etc. And some are also featured in big TV shows like Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. You can go to the videos and get inspiration for your content.

1. Bean Boozled Challenge

Food challenges are quite popular on YouTube for a long time. It is highly entertaining for the audience to watch their favorite YouTubers eat or drink awful combinations of food. The concept of such food challenges is to mix and consume randomly unrelated food items to make them taste as disgusting as possible. And that is what the challenge is. Bean Boozled Challenge is somewhat similar to this concept.

Although Bean Boozled is a jelly-bean-only challenge, which means the YouTuber has to mix all flavors of jelly beans and consume them but it isn’t as cute as it sounds like, there is a special package of jelly-beans available on Amazon known as BeanBoozled Mystery Bean Set that consists of some interesting flavors of jelly-be

and that could also turn out to be disgusting. The YouTuber has to get the package and attempt the challenge.

2. Cinnamon Challenge

The Cinnamon Challenge is quite popular all across YouTube. It has been going on for years and years. The challenge is quite easy, all you have to do is eat a spoonful of Cinnamon. The interesting part is the people’s hilarious reactions which make such videos funnier and fun-to-watch. Please do such challenges at your own risk, as eating a full spoon of Cinnamon can have harmful effects on your body and it varies from person to person.

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3. Eat It Or Wear It Challenge

This challenge is quite funny as well as messy. In this challenge, you need to get some food items in numbered plastic bags. You will have to choose a random number and eat whatever that particular numbered bag consists of. The item could be as bizarre as an egg yolk. But that is where the challenge lies. You have to choose a number, and whatever the bag with that specific number consists of, you have to eat it. But if you refuse to eat it, you will have to wear it. This can bring out a lot of laughs when you have to eat disgusting stuff or either have it all over you.

4. Ghost Pepper Challenge

If you have no heard what a Ghost Pepper is, it is known to be one of the hottest pepper ever in the world. So you see why this is a challenge. You will have to consume the ghost pepper and record your reaction. Many people in the past have done this challenge and had some interesting reactions which made their video a must-watch. Please do such challenges at your own risk, if you are sensitive to spicy food items. Consuming the ghost pepper can have harmful effects on your body.

5. Blindfolded Make-Up Challenge

This challenge has been done by many celebrities and YouTubers. This is a light-hearted challenge that brings the fun out of makeup. You will need a friend to this challenge with you. As the name suggests, you will have to try doing make-up on your friend but BLINDFOLDED. As we can imagine, the results can turn out hilarious! Celebrities like Kylie Jenner are also seen doing this challenge.

6. The Whisper Challenge

This challenge is very much famous not only on YouTube but on talk shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In this challenge, you will need a friend. One of you will wear headphones with music on full volume so you will not be able to hear the other person, and another one of you has to say a phrase or a sentence and the person will read the lips. It is funny to see people guessing hilariously wrong and unrelated phrases in this game.

7. 100 Layers Challenge

100 layers challenge is quite interesting and daring to do. It consists of adding on 100 layers of something on yourself. Like makeup, clothes, nail polish, etc. Please make sure you have other people with you to assist you in this challenge as it is a risky one. Challenges like 100 layers of makeup can really damage your skin inside out. Please be aware of the consequences before attempting to do such challenges. 100 Layers of Clothes is another risky challenge to attempt as you may feel breathlessness and suffocation in it.

8. Roast Yourself Challenge

Ever thought you can make fun of your own self? Your habits, your flaws, your life decisions? Imagine how fun would it be to make fun of yourself and have your audience enjoy it with you? Roast Yourself challenge involves you being brutal with yourself and making jokes about everything, from your looks to your deepest insecurities.

Hence this is considered a challenge. It can also turn out to be a very liberating experience, cracking jokes on your flaws, and insecurities can really make you overcome them and take them in a light-hearted manner.  This will bring the audience a lot of laughs and giggles and you, a very mind-opening experience.

9. Drive-Thru Trick Or Treat Challenge

If you are a big Halloween celebrator, this challenge would be interesting for you. In this challenge, you have to visit the drive-thru of any food chain and do a trick or treat and scare the employees on the occasion of Halloween. Please be responsible that the prank doesn’t harm anyone in any way.

10. The Internet Slang Challenge

“Dab” “FOMO” “TBH” Ever heard or read these words anywhere? This challenge would require you to have at least two friends with you. Two of you would be contesting for who recognizes the most internet slang while the third person would be hosting both of you or someone or something that can bring up new ones for you to guess what do they mean. This is a fun challenge to have if you are a millennial and not very aware of the internet language.

11. My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

Most men are believed to be lacking make-up skills or any knowledge of make-up in general. If you are a girl who has one such person as your boyfriend, it would be fun to try this challenge for your YouTube channel. In this challenge, you have to get your boyfriend to do your make-up.

It would be great fun for you to know how well your boyfriend’s make-up skills and knowledge are. It can also turn funny when your boyfriend does not know which product is used for what and the results could also turn out to be hilarious…or maybe your boyfriend could surprise you with his excellent make-up skills.

12. Floor Is Lava Challenge

We all have played this game in our childhood days where we used to imagine as if the floor is lava and used to jump across the couches to avoid getting in contact with the floor. This challenge is the adult version of that, and it can also get too crazy. It’s extra fun when you have a friend telling you that “The Floor Is Lava” and you need to rush somewhere where you are not touching the floor within 10 seconds.

In this challenge, two friends would be in a different place like a mall, or a bank and will say “The floor is lava” and you will need to run to the nearest rescue you get. This turns out hilarious usually doing it in places like malls.

13. Guess The Video Game Song Challenge

If you and your friends are gamers or fond of gaming. This challenge can turn out to be fun for you. As the name suggests, you’ll have to listen to a piece of game music and recognize which game does it belong to.

14. Going To Worst-Rated Places Challenges

Now, this one could be a lot crazier and more challenging. Before we visit a new restaurant, nail salon, cafe, or almost any place, the very first step is that check for online reviews even before stepping out. But imagine how crazy would it be if you had to purposely visit such a place where you know you are going to experience have a pathetic service and actually know how bad it can get. This is like an extreme challenge as you will have to spend your money on such a crazy or probably worst experience. Please know that it could have really bad consequences and know what to expect.

15. Try Not To Laugh Challenge

We all love watching funny videos, don’t we? Cause we all love laughing a lot. But imagine, you are watching a YouTube video that is damn hilarious but you cannot laugh, how challenging would it be? This challenge is way funnier than it sounds. In this challenge, you need to sit and watch some hilarious videos on YouTube, and you laugh if you lose. It can get more hilarious when you are trying to hold your laugh in.

16. Heads Up Challenge

The Heads-Up Challenge involves the popular app game called Heads Up which is available for both Android and iOS users. In this game, the app will show up a word and countdown of 60 seconds. You will have to hold your device on your forehead facing front and your friend will act the word out to you. This challenge has already been done by many YouTubers and movie stars.

17. What’s The Smell Challenge

This is kinda gross as well as a hilarious challenge to attempt. You can do it with 3 or more friends. In this challenge, you need to get blindfolded along with your participating friends. Another friend has to keep bringing up new items that you have to smell and guess what the smell is. This can get funny when there are items that smell unpleasant kept and you have to guess them.

18. Massive Ice Cream Sundae Challenge

This is a fun as well as acute challenge if you are a foodie or have a sweet tooth. In this challenge, you will have to eat a MASSIVE ice-cream sundae. Please do this challenge only when you do not have any sort of health issue or else, this can make it worse and harm your body.

19. 10,000 Calorie Fruit Challenge

This challenge is very interesting to attempt if you do not consume a lot of fruits. This could turn out to be very healthy or completely disastrous for you. In this challenge, you will have to eat 10,000 calories worth of fruits. Let’s see how much can you take it!

20. Say Anything Challenge

This one is another hilarious challenge. This challenge is easy to do and doesn’t require much effort. In the Say Anything Challenge, all you need is a tape and a friend. You and your friend will have to say anything depending on the topic. For example, if the topic is Fruits, you and your friend will have to say names of fruits back and forth as quickly as possible. If someone says something unrelated or takes a lot of time to say it, there is a punishment which is mostly to wear tape anywhere on your face and continue the game with the tape on their face.

21. The Disney Challenge

This challenge is very popular amongst famous YouTubers like Tyler Oakley and Zoella. In this challenge, you will need two of your friends with you where you and your friend listen to multiple Disney songs and you will need to guess the movie and title of the song for which you will get 10 seconds. You will need another friend to choose a playlist and play the songs for you. It is a great challenge for hardcore Disney fans who remember every movie, but the question is…who is the bigger Disney fan?.

22. Speed Drawing Challenge

Another fun challenge to do is the Speed Drawing Challenge, as the name suggests, this challenge requires at least two people trying to do a speed drawing for about one minute. This challenge is cute and funny when both, you and your friend are bad at drawing plus the catch here is you both have to do it within a minute, so the results can turn out to be hilarious.

23. Pinhead Balloon Challenge

This is another popular challenge on YouTube, known as the Pinhead Balloon Challenge. In this challenge, you will need some balloons hung from the top while you and your friend will need to wear caps with a needle settled on its top. The goal is to jump and try to burst as many balloons as possible, the one who bursts the most balloons wins the challenge.

24. Q-tip Dart Challenge

This one is kind of a sporty challenge. For this challenge, you will need some white t-shirts, straws, markers, and q-tips. You will have to draw a target on the t-shirt with numbers to keep the score. You and your friend will stand few meters away from each other and try to hit the target with the q-tips with the help of the straws.

25. No Thumbs Challenge

Another fun and crazy idea are to do the No Thumbs Challenge! This challenge requires you a friend and a cloth or tape to tie wrap your thumbs around your hand. The challenge is obviously to do multiple tasks without using your thumbs. It’s going to be a fun experience trying to do this challenge with your friend and see who is the ability to do the most tasks without using their thumb?

26. Obey the Cards Challenge

Quelf is one of the most popular board games out there. This challenge is very much related to it. In Quelf, you will have to obey the instructions given on the cards you have. You move forward with the game as you keeping obeying the instructions.

27. 24 Hour Challenge

Now this one is quite a crazy one. 24 Hour Challenge refers to you being in one location for 24 hours, for example, a supermarket, store, or any other place. Please know that this challenge can get you in trouble if you are banned from a particular location or get criminal charges pressed against you. And for the same reason, it is recommended that you do this challenge in a place you own, like your car, garage, or somewhere you don’t land into trouble.

28. The Pause Challenge

This challenge can be very hilarious. In this challenge, you will need a friend and be with them in a public place like a park, a store, or a mall. The challenge is that out of nowhere you will have to tell your friend to pause, and they will need to pause for one minute at whatever they were doing, they cannot move, talk or laugh at all. Getting public reactions on this one can turn out to be the funniest.

29. Last To Leave Challenge

If you are a follower of Mr. Beast you may have come across this challenge many times on his YouTube channel. The last to leave challenge consists of you or your friends and a place where you have to stay as much as you can. And if you are the last person left in a particular place..you win! It’s not as easy as it sounds. Cause many times the location you have to stay in are challenging part. Mr.Beast has done this challenge for revolving doors..just imagine. This challenge is going to be hilarious and may get a lot of likes and views.

30. Guess The Film Challenge

Are you and your best friend a big movie buff? Can you identify the film just by the music or the name being acted out to you? If the answer is yes, then this would be the best thing to try on your YouTube channel. This challenge would require you at least three people if two of you are guessing, the third person will have the movie names and music prepared.

31. Potato Carving Challenge

Remember how we used to do these fun craving and crafting activities in Kindergarten? This is basically just that. The potato carving challenge requires you to make cute characters out of a potato, decorate them, dress them and see who has a better-looking potato when you and your friend are done with it.

31. Copy What My Girlfriend/Boyfriend Does

So this one is a fun challenge if you have a significant other and you live together. In this challenge, all you need to do is copy what your partner does. If you have a girlfriend, you need to act like them, do what they do, say things as they say them. It is a fun challenge cause this may make your partner laugh or maybe annoy them. Oh, are you single? Don’t worry! Many people also do this challenge with their siblings as well. You can do this challenge with anyone who you live with.

32. Water Bomb Challenge

A water bomb challenge consists of a sphere ball-like object that you open and put in a water balloon and turn the wheel around. As soon as the wheel has started unwinding you and your friend have to go through a round of rapid-fire questions and pass on the water bomb to each other as soon as they answer. The more delay the person makes will lead to the waterbomb bursting on their hand. This little object can make the game more hilarious and interesting.

33. No Mirror Make-Up Challenge

Another challenge has arrived for make-up fanatics. You claim that you’re someone with impeccable make-up skills but what if I challenge you to do your make-up…WITHOUT a mirror? Are you still the best? This challenge is gonna be hilarious and sweet. You don’t necessarily need a friend for this challenge, you can do it on your own. Results could be hilarious when people find out that they aren’t as skilled in make-up without the mirror.

34. Best Friend Challenge

Want to test your friendship with your best friend? This challenge is made for you then. In the best friend challenge, you need to ask your best friend some personal questions about yourself, and if the friend fails to answer you have to give them a dare, or a punishment such as doing something funny or drawing on their face. This challenge is just for fun as it is believed that the best friend has to know and remember everything about you.

35. YouTube Innuendo Bingo Challenge

Another fun and popular Challenge on YouTube is the Innuendo Bingo Challenge. Many famous YouTubers have done this challenge. This challenge involves you and a friend sitting facing each other. Both of you have to fill your mouth with water. You will need to have another friend to play some funny and weird sounds to break you. The one who breaks and spews the water out most of the time loses and the other person wins.

36. The TMI Challenge

This is one of the earliest YouTube challenges ever! Also known as the TMI Tag, the TMI Challenge consists of your audience sending in questions to you and all you need to do is answer them. You will have to post about the upcoming TMI video beforehand so that your audience can ask you questions. Questions can vary from childhood to favorite color, to pet peeves, and much more.

37. Guess the YouTuber’s Voice Challenge

Consider yourself a big YouTuber junkie? Do you know and watch most of the popular YouTubers? Well, then you and your friends should definitely take up this challenge. As the name suggests, some sounds will be played to you consisting of some YouTuber’s voices, and you will have to guess who it is. Easy!

38. Backward Word Challenge

Are you someone with the knack for identifying jumbled words or backward words? In that case, you will nail in this challenge! The Backward Words challenge consists of some simple English language words that are types backward and all you have to do is guess the word in one go.

39. Letting Strangers Shop For Me Challenge

Ever wondered if you wore or ate something of other people’s choices? Can you imagine how bizarre it could be when a stranger chooses the products or items for you at the mall and you have to use them no matter what? In this challenge, you will have to visit a nearby mall or store and approach strangers to choose any clothing item or any makeup item for you, and you will have to buy it no matter what. This could be a fun challenge to shoot for YouTube and you could also end up making friends with the people.

40. Yoga Challenge

Yoga and fitness are some of the new obsessions of generation-Z. Everyone realizes the importance of staying fit nowadays. But ever thought you could have a little bit of fun during yoga? The Yoga Challenge is another popular YouTube Challenge.

In this challenge, all you need to do is yoga, except for the fact that you will have to attempt certain difficult yoga positions especially if you are not a fitness freak. Please be safe during this one as people keep falling over trying to do complicated Yoga positions.

41. Not My Arms Challenge

The Not My Arms Challenge is another popular challenge on YouTube. This one has different variations like Not My Legs Challenge. In this one, you will need a friend with you who is going to stand behind you and will try doing different things, like eating something acting as if it’s your hands doing everything.

42. Duct Tape Challenge

Now this one is crazy. Ever wondered how mad crazy would it be if you were tied up with a tape, not being able to control your arms and legs? Well, that is exactly what you will have to do with this challenge. The Duct Tape Challenge requires you to be tied up with duct tape sitting on a chair and make attempts to free yourself.

Please note that is a challenge despite its popularity and craziness is NOT recommended at all. There have been accidents reported due to this challenge. Please only do this challenge if you have taken all safety measures and have people around you to assist.

43. Asking Strangers To Be My Boyfriend Challenge

This is another fun and crazy challenge and can also get you, good friends. Imagine how awkward it would be to go up to strangers and asking them to be your boyfriend. This hilarious challenge requires you to do exactly that! You have to go up to random strangers on street or any public place and ask them to be your boyfriend. You never know, someone may also agree!

44. Exploding Watermelon Challenge

Exploding the watermelon challenge is another popular one on YouTube. All you need for it is a watermelon and a LOT of bands to tie them around the watermelon. It is advised to immediately distance yourself from the watermelon after the watermelon as it could cause it to explode on you and may cause injuries. Please take all the safety measures before doing this challenge.

45. 10,000 Calories Challenge

Are you a big foodie? Can you take up the 10,000 calorie challenge? As the name suggests you will have to eat 10k calories in a particular number of days decided. It is important to understand that it can majorly harm your body generally and also if you are allergic to something.


You can now ahead and entertain your audience with so many fun and crazy challenges to choose from. Try these fun challenges with your friends with utmost safety and assistance and attract new audiences that like your content on YouTube. If you have any queries or more challenge video ideas like the ones mentioned in this article, comment below and let us know.