Horizon Forbidden West Gets an Improved Performance Mode

The highly anticipated successor to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West, was published in February 2022.

Guerrilla Games’ following product, Horizon Forbidden West, was considered another accomplishment for the company, despite being overshadowed by the release of Elden Ring.

Review ratings for Horizon Forbidden West reflected that excellent mood. After the release of Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games has maintained the game with regular updates to enhance it.

Horizon Forbidden West has received many upgrades, some of which are new content patches that introduce unexpected features to the game, such as a New Game Plus option.

Other improvements include long-awaited bug fixes for performance and graphic concerns. Horizon Forbidden West’s most recent patch, 1.16, leans toward the latter, as it attempts to address some of the game’s aesthetic and performance concerns since launch.

Patch 1.16, in particular, addresses some of the most chronic difficulties that plagued players using the game’s 60 FPS performance level.

According to Horizon Forbidden West users, a persistent bug in the 60 FPS option of the game caused objects and vegetation to seem “shimmery,” prompting many to switch to 30 FPS.

The visual quality was tweaked with patch 1.07; however, it didn’t fix the difficulties with the 60 FPS performance setting. Guerrilla’s second effort to solve Horizon Forbidden West’s graphic issues was much more effective.

The remedy to the flaws in Horizon Forbidden West, according to Guerrilla Senior Principal Tech Programmer Giliam de Carpentier, was to change the way anti-aliasing was used.

In patch 1.16, a “new AA method” was applied to eliminate all shimmering effects. While this has enhanced the game’s 60 FPS mode, Horizon Forbidden West’s 4K quality option may have suffered from patch 1.16 since there have been claims of a new loss of visual accuracy, implying that the 4K version no longer looks as lovely as it once did.

Guerrilla Games, on the other hand, is far from finished with Horizon Forbidden West upgrades. Horizon Forbidden West may have VRR support in future updates and a new 40 FPS option that combines the quality of the 4K mode with the faster frame rate of the 60 FPS performance mode.