How to Transmog in Horizon Forbidden West

Transmog in Horizon Forbidden West: Horizon Forbidden West provides Aloy with various costumes to wear on her trek across the post-apocalyptic wastelands. 

Each meticulously designed clothing comes with many benefits that boost certain skills, making each outfit very situation-specific. 

As a result, every outfit in Horizon Forbidden West is divided into one of seven categories: Mixed Gear, for players who engage in non-specific combat; Machine Master, for those who enjoy overriding machines; Warrior, for melee combat; Hunter, for bow-users; Infiltrator, for stealthy players; Survivor, for people who want to stay alive; and Trapper, for gamers who like to prepare for a fight.

With so many costume designs and functionalities to choose from, players will almost certainly switch between them with each gaming situation. 

Aloy changing her complete wardrobe five seconds before combat may be annoying for those who prefer immersing themselves in a game.

Furthermore, people who prefer one costume may be hesitant to switch to something less aesthetically appealing. As a result, Guerrilla Games has included a Transmog system to Horizon Forbidden West’s 1.016 updates. It’s allowing players to alter clothing without modifying Aloy’s look.

How to Transmog in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West must be completely updated before players may transmog their stuff and transport Aloy to New Game Plus.

Hover over the game’s icon in the “Home” menu and hit the “Options” button to see whether this is the case. Verify that the game has been patched by scrolling down to “Check for Update.” For this to operate, the console must be linked to the internet.

After upgrading the game, load a save and tap the touchpad to access the Map menu. Navigate to the Inventory tab on the left bumper and scroll down to the Outfits page.

Hover over another outfit and hit the Triangle button to “Apply to Look” with any piece of gear on. A little symbol with the words “Look Applied” will show in the bottom right corner of the screen. And players should now be able to travel the Forbidden West in whatever clothing they like.

Re-enter the menu and click Triangle to delete the applied effect. This new version introduces several new features to New Game Plus’s armour upgrade system. So be sure to read Game Rant’s previous tips on Champion Tokens and the new Legendary Gear.