How to Go to the Mine Cart in Mine Horizon Forbidden West

Mine Cart in Mine Horizon Forbidden West: Like Horizon Zero DawnHorizon Forbidden West opens with a small open-world area for players. Players are encouraged to explore the small area of the world that is accessible to the Forbidden west before moving on further west.

The players can complete the Horizon Forbidden West side quest. It can be located at Crimson Narrows, a small area to the northeast of Chainscrape

Players can find Korvud, the foreman. He tells Aloy the mine has been flooded, and two workers are still trapped in ruins. Aloy is responsible for rescuing the miners and draining the mine of any water. 

This guide will lead players through the flooded mine to complete the quest.

Find the missing miners.

Go to the cavern at the cliff face and then crouch down through the left passage. Players will see the flooded portion of the mine from here. Once there, they can enter the water and dive down.

 As Aloy is submerged, you can see a yellow bar sticking out from the floor. These can be grabbed to propel her through water and reach the tunnel’s end.

See the surface to see a fallen wooden walkway. Some bickering miners were sitting on a crate near a brazier. These are the missing workers and some colourful new characters from Horizon Forbidden East

They tell Aloy that you must find an explosive-filled minecart and clear the drainage blockage rubble to drain the mine.

The Minecart

After speaking with the duo and getting the fuse from their head left and into the water. Aloy propels through another tunnel to reach another walkway with a beam. 

The minecart can be seen by players on broken tracks that rise high above the water.

Cross the walkway between the tracks and jump up to a ladder under the cart. Turn left, and cross some beams to access a narrow passage leading to a large cave.

These are the three Burrowers you can take out or avoid. Players can either dive under the machines or shoot Concealing Omen mushrooms to avoid detection. 

Burrowers are vulnerable to Fire damage. Players can dive beneath the machines or shoot Concealing Omen mushrooms to avoid detection.

Further along, the cavern’s edge is more broken tracks. The player can use Forbidden west’s better climbing mechanics to jump across. 

Continue on the right and climb into another narrow passageway. Turn left, and you will find a lamp on the ground.

Continue down the path and continue until you reach the minecart cavern. Use Aloy’s new Pullcaster to get down on the ledge.

Jump on the beam and walk to the opposite side. Then, jump onto the yellow platform to reach the minecart tracks. Move right towards the cart, place the fuses, and push it off the tracks. The explosion will cause the mine to be completely drain.

The Mine: Exiting

After draining the water, go back to the bottom of the cavern and see three Scroungers, one of Horizon Forbidden West’s new machines. They are weak to Acid and Frost and can be easily defeated from afar. 

The resource canister will do additional damage. You can also use shock ammo to cause an elemental explosion by shooting at their rear.

After dealing with the Scroungers can use Aloy’s Pullcaster to remove the crates that are blocking the path out. Continue along the tunnel to reach the walkway on your left. 

Talk to Thorden or Lokuf once more before returning the way Aloy entered. Talk to Korvud at mine’s entrance to complete a quest.

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