The fastest way to acquire XP in Horizon Forbidden West?

Fastest way to acquire XP in Horizon Forbidden West: While Horizon Forbidden West is not Aloy’s first game, she must work hard to become as strong as she had been after that first adventure.

While a substantial amount of that comes from your gear, increasing your level is essential to maintain your health.

Here’s how to gain XP on the game Horizon Forbidden West.

Within Horizon Forbidden West, XP is distributed frequently to complete objectives.

There is no need to make a fuss about hunting down enemies to increase your level.

The most effective method to earn XP is to finish quests.

It doesn’t matter if it’s siding explorations of running errands or other tasks; we strongly suggest completing any missions that aren’t associated with the plot.

You will gain a significant boost in XP after completion and the enemies inside it, but you will also acquire many weapons, resources, and clothing for specific quests.

When you travel between different areas on the world map, you should strongly recommend completing other goals.

Tallnecks can give you a ton of XP if you can override the map and show icons on the map to help you find other activities to complete.

In addition, make Cauldrons. Rebel Camps are also an excellent source of XP.

We recommend not bothering with all of the Rebel Outposts if you’re looking to complete the game 100.

Thanks to the XP you earn to complete the objectives above, You don’t have to venture out to grind your enemies.

If you’d like to do so, we recommend locating Dreadwings or Tiderippers.