New European Region Update In Lost Ark

New European Region Update: It took just three days of round-the-clock working to work with the Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG teams to launch more European servers to users from Lost Ark

In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, the groups announced that due to the massive demands of players who were logging into their game had to establish not only one server but a whole new server region.

The free-to-play ARPG MMO launched last Friday to a plethora of glitches as well as queues that ran for several hours.

 Based on the influx and the subsequent aftermath, it appears that both companies underestimated the number of players who wanted to experience the world in Arkesia within Lost Ark.

Amazon recently announced that, as of February 14, the company had already registered 4.7 million new players from the west (55 % of them from North America and 45% from Europe). 

These numbers do not count the millions playing on South Korea since the end of the year.

This new zone, Europe West, opened earlier this morning by launching 8 servers (Rethramis, Tortoyk, Moonkeep, Stonehearth, Shadespire, Tragon, Petrania, Punika). 

The new servers will be available for players to use. Smilegate RPG says they expect “to reduce, not eliminate” the extremely long queue times in Europe Central. 

The company promises to expand the number of servers in the event of need in line with the population level. 

It is possible that players need to restart the client to view the updated listing.

Before deciding whether to call the brand new Europe West region home, there are a few points to consider.

 Players will utilize Royal Crystals and Crystalline Aura; however, any claimed, redeemed, or acquired items won’t transfer. 

In-game items such as mounts, pets and gold will not be shared. Auction houses are also regionally-specific. 

Additionally, because EW is a distinct region, players from EW aren’t allowed to join queues alongside players from Europe Central.

Anyone who signs in from February 20th at 8:59 AM CET (February 19, 11:59 AM PT) until the 2nd of March at 8:30 AM CET (March 1 at 11:00 PM (March 1 at 11:59 PM) will receive the complimentary launch party gifts that were previously announced. 

Furthermore, players who choose to try the brand new Europe West servers will also receive further progression assistance. 

The final 10 days ‘ worth of rewards for attendance will be given out automatically to all players, and individual daily tickets to attend for 10 consecutive days be handed out.

Finally, everyone who bought the Founder’s Package through Steam or bought keys from Amazon at or before 12:59 pm PT/8:59 pm CET, February 14, will receive an additional set of exclusive items they have claimed in addition to some extra Royal Crystals. 

The players will begin to see these on February 19. 

The additional Founder’s Pack items can be taken advantage of on any server; however, Smilegate RPG states that players should know precisely the location of their home before making a move.

Lost Ark is now available on your PC.