How to fix the Disk Write Error: Lost Ark

fix the Disk Write Error: Lost Ark is drawing some people to it. 

This is so much that developers had to design an entirely new region in Central EU to help lighten the burden on servers.

 Given the game’s popularity, this game is bound to encounter a large number of problems at the beginning. Some of these issues could be unique in Lost Ark, but many are issues that Steam players may already be familiar with.

For those who run through the Disk Write Error during installing or downloading updates for Lost Ark, the problem is usually related to Steam instead of Lost Ark itself. 

The most effective solution is, like most issues computer-related issues, to switch off the computer and then turn it back on.

 It sounds simple, but it’s a lot much more frequently than you imagine.

Clear Download Cache

If a reboot fails to resolve the issue, then you need to clear the download cache within Steam’s Steam settings. It is possible to do this via:

  • Click Steam to the left corner of the window.
  • Start the Settings window.
  • Click on the Downloads tab.
  • Click “Clear Download Cache.”
  • Select OK.

This can result in Steam restarting, so avoid doing this if you’re experiencing other downloads after you’ve logged in to Steam and tried downloading Lost Ark again.

Change Your Firewall Settings

If this isn’t working, The issue could lie in your firewall or anti-virus settings.

 It is possible that you need to make exceptions for Steam and Lost Ark within your settings on your computer. 

Alternatively, you could run Steam as an administrator, which will allow it to avoid the issues altogether.

Change Where Steam Saves Games

If there are multiple devices and you have multiple drives, you’re likely experiencing Steam will try to transfer the game’s files to a driver operating in read-only mode. 

It’s not common, but it could happen, particularly when installing an additional purpose. To fix this issue:

  • Visit the Steam tab and then open the Downloads menu following the steps in the previous paragraph.
  • Click on Steam Library Folders. This will reveal what the standard Steam installation route is.
  • Click on the “Add Library Folder” icon to create a new path for the drive you would like future installations to connect to. Ensure the course is located in the industry with Reading/Write permissions.
  • After the way is set, click on the “…” link and highlight “Make the default” to set it as the default path for any future downloads.

It is possible that you need to restart your computer to ensure that the changes work. 

After you continue, you should be able to fix the issue. Re-downloading Lost Ark again will remove the case.