How To Get Lilia in Revived Witch?

Get Lilia in Revived Witch:Revived witch is an adventure-based RPG with some characters split into different levels based on their importance. 

Lilia in Revived is among the game’s surfaces, which is the princess from Aurora. 

She is a sporadic tier character and is the most beautiful character.

Being able to unlock Lilia in the game will not only enhance your performance and skills, but it will also assist you in advance faster within the game. 

If you’re trying to access Lilia in Revived, go to the bottom of this page to learn the steps to do it.

How to unlock Lilia in Revived Witch?

Lilia is a beautiful princess of Aurora that belongs to the Mage class and is blessed with Mercury to be her element.

 Her abilities are unique, and she can cause magical damage of between 100 and 150 percent to three enemies at one time.

Lilia can be a prize given to everyone who signed up for Open Beta testing and was acquired after finishing the third chapter within the game.

 If you’re not a test-taking participant in the open beta, then you could get Lilia.

Lilia is the most premium character within the game. She is available in Closed Beta following the challenge level 4-20 of Revived Witch.

Therefore, you must complete the challenge in the game to earn your most loved character Lilia that will boost your gameplay with Revived Witch.

Here are the traits of Lilia in the resurrected Witch:

Attributes  Base     Max

HP                    469      25601

ATK                  418       6139

Crit%                 8%          8%

Crit DMG         150%     150%

These are just a few of the qualities of the Princess of Aurora that you have to be working towards unlocking Lilia in Revived Witch. 

This is all you need to know about how to unlock Lilia within Revived Witch.