Valorant’s Tropical Island Map In Episode 4.

Some significant changes are coming to Valorant for its fourth episode, and it’s not just in the means of brand new content.

Riot Games looks set to release a significant update/fix along with the launch, As usual, it appears that it will feature a complete overhaul in the map of tropical islands called Breeze.

The information came via the medium of leaked images shared on social media and showed several tiny but essential changes on the maps.

You can observe from the photos in the above images.

thanks for the work of Valor Leaks the Breeze B-site now includes a wooden box alongside the concrete wall and an unfinished stone structure next to the pillar.

This could provide much more security for the teams who defend it in what was previously an extremely open area.

In A’s case, the water around the two pyramids has now stretched far more; the impermeable wooden box at the corner has become a vertical structure.

There’s a vast container with crates surrounding it that replace the triple boxes of earlier.

In the end, there’s a tower of stone in the caves to the left of A.

This should provide better protection to attackers circling the corner of the lobby from A.

Overall, the changes will help the map control teams that defend in a map that has always been very asymmetrical — at least in professional games.

It’s important to note that the photos leak aren’t officially license and could change at any time.

However, I’d be shock if they weren’t definitive and confirm when Episode 4 would be release in the coming week, on Jan. 11.