What Do OBJ, Hitmark Mean In COD Mobile?

Hitmark Mean In COD Mobile: Call of Duty: Mobile is a hugely popular shooter game for free on Android and iOS Devices.

Since its worldwide launch in the year 2019, the title’s popularity has increased every day.

 Because it’s an online game that is multiplayer, there are a lot of players who frequently use abbreviations and language to express their appreciation or to poke fun at their friends or opponents within COD Mobile.

As the number of abbreviations or slang terms used by CODM players is growing with every passing day, many players are unaware of what abbreviations mean or short names used by players from all over the globe.

The meaning behind abbreviations and the slang COD Mobile players are currently looking for on the internet is OBJ, Wards, SR, and Hitmark.

Are you aware of what these abbreviations and slang terms are?

If the answer is no and you’d like to know the meaning behind these COD Mobile words, then you must read this article.

What exactly does OBJ mean? What does OBJ mean in COD Mobile?

There are a lot of COD Mobile players who often utilize OBJ as selfless players. 

This abbreviation can indicate that a player is willing to allow teammates to develop abilities.

 OBJ can be an abbreviation for an objective player.

What do Wards refer to in CODM?

Many CODM players wish to understand the meaning behind WARDS.

 If that’s the case, then you need to look no further because we’ve got you covered. 

The significance of WARDS within COD Mobile is a guard or watchman.

What exactly does SR denote in CODM?

SR is an abbreviation that COD Mobile players widely use.

 Have you encountered this abbreviation when engaging in the sport? 

If you’re an avid player, then you’ve been in this world at the very least. 

Many encounter SR when gaming Call of Duty Mobile, but they aren’t aware of what this abbreviation means, and if this is you, you must know that it’s an abbreviation for Skill Rating.

What’s the purpose of Hitmark/Hitmarker within CODM?

Hitmarker is the term used to describe COD Mobile players for a player who strikes an opponent but whose attack cannot cause harm to the opponent.

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