Madden 23: All-New Ultimate Team Features

We’re finally getting close to the highly anticipated release of Madden 23, with NFL teams preparing for the start of the 2022 regular season. The release date of which is August 19, 2022.

Since the release date is less than a week away, EA is beginning to drop tidbits of information. 

It gives a taste of what players may look forward to seeing in the upcoming game. 

Not least is their most recent Gridiron Notes, which highlight some significant modifications to Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Here is all the information you need about Madden 23 Ultimate Team’s new features.

Madden 23: All-New Ultimate Team Features

Field Pass

Let’s begin with Field Pass, undoubtedly the most intriguing brand-new feature for Madden 23 Ultimate Team. 

They are giving players a clear route to growth since they can now see all the levels, awards, and goals required to go forward in MUT.

The three main categories of Field Passes are program-specific Season, Competitive, and Ultimate Team passes. 

The 60 tiers of prizes in the Seasonal Field Pass range from packs and money to uniforms and top-rated player stuff.

Each of which will get frequent updates as you advance in the game.

Objectives more tailored to various competitive game styles will be included in the Competitive Field Pass. Simply playing in Solo Battles, H2H Seasons, Squad Seasons, and MUT Champions will advance players. 

The Competitive Field Pass will refresh every two weeks, giving you plenty of opportunities to grow and earn rare gifts. Field Passes that are exclusive to a programme will also have their own set of goals and rewards.

MUT Champions

With the addition of MUT Champions, Madden 23 Ultimate Team gains yet another new element. This is regarded as the most competitive MUT mode and has replaced the Weekend League. 

It is not just where you may earn some of the most significant incentives, but you can play it every day of the week. Considering the time constraints placed on the Weekend League, this is a considerable improvement.

By using Champs Entry Tokens, players may get access to MUT Champions. It may be acquired by moving forward in the Competitive Field Pass. 

Additionally, your prizes will now be promptly applied, depending on how well you do in MUT Champions. Rather than having to wait until Tuesday the following week.

New and improved Sets

The Sets feature will then be extensively redesigned for fans to use. Everyone knows that some of the most delicate stuff in Madden Ultimate Team can be found in Sets. 

But in Madden 23, EA has reduced unneeded friction, and the number of button pushes required to finish a set. Additionally, Sets are now available through your Item Binder.

The method for finishing a set is another new Sets feature included in Madden 23 Ultimate Team. When a Set has to be completed, the game will automatically search your inventory for the least expensive, unused, or unfavorite goods. 

Account-Bound Items will also be back in the game and everything else. The objects you utilize to complete certain Sets will be automatically returned, in other words.

More intense competition

Regarding some of the competitive game modes in Madden 23, players should have a stiffer struggle. Additionally, there will be additional chances to acquire different prizes. 

Players will now have access to four new Solo Battle games daily (up to 28 games per week). However, how successfully you go in the Competitive Field Pass will determine how you receive prizes from Solo Battles. 

Since the awards may vary depending on how many victories you have and how challenging you find the various goals to be,

Additionally, the number of divisions in H2H Seasons and the number of games for each have been changed. There will now be six divisions and eight games in a season.

Ranked is being eliminated from the MUT Draft to improve the matching process. Also gone from Madden 23 Ultimate Team is the Salary Cap.

Strategies and Player Items

Last, you’ll probably notice that your player’s initial OVR ratings have changed. Depending on whatever club a player chooses as their favourite, starters will have improved ratings at the start of the season, and players will also get noteworthy NFL athletes. 

To ensure you always receive the most refined version of every player you get, the Power Up system has also been entirely overhauled.

Finally, Strategy Items have also undergone a significant modification. A lot simpler approach to see which qualities are being improved and how much. 

Additionally, the Strategy Item system has been overhauled, with the number of Strategy Item slots down to just three (offence, defence and Team Affinity Strategy). 

Additionally, there will be a few more methods to get strategy items, such as the Field Pass, the MUT shop, and auctions.

You now have all the information regarding Madden 23 Ultimate Team’s new features. Check out Gamer Journalist’s guides area if you’re looking for additional details on Madden. 

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