How to Get Planks In V Rising

Get Planks In V Rising: The vampire-themed MMORPG V Rising is swiftly becoming Steam’s latest indie hit, with the vampire-themed MMORPG tearing up the Steam charts. 

The game is centred on PvP and looting (though you may play it solo if you like) and a crafting and base-building system, which means you’ll have to farm many materials. So, here’s how you can earn Planks in V Rising.

Planks are one of the first resources you’ll need to get in the game, and unlike the Animal Hide and Bones you’ve found thus far, they’re not as easy to come by.

Getting Planks in V Rising

  1. Once you have collected enough Blood Essence and Stones from your enemies, place your Castle Heart to begin building a base.
  2. To open the build menu, press B, select Castle Heart from the list and place it on the ground.
  3. Start using your axe to cut down trees in your area if you don’t have it already.
  4. A total of 400 Lumber is required and 80 Stones.
  5. Use the build menu to craft the Sawmill and place it wherever you want.
  6. You can interact with the Castle Heart to input the Blood Essence you obtained by killing enemies to power up your base.
  7. Use the Sawmill to input Lumber and start generating Planks.

Keep in mind that if your Castle Heart runs out of Blood Essence. The Sawmill will stop working, so keep an eye on it and replenish it.

What Planks Are Used For

We haven’t yet unlocked every recipe in V Rising that requires Planks, but there are two main uses. 

For starters, they’re required to construct a Workbench. Which is critical to your V Rising experience because you’ll need one to improve your equipment and make better stuff.

Second, they’re utilized to make Reinforced Planks unlocked after defeating Vincent the Frostbringer, a level 40 boss. As you progress farther in the game, these are used to strengthen your base even more.