India: Is Free Fire Now Legal?

Is Free Fire Now Legal: The Indian Govt recently banned 54 Chinese apps that included Free Fire Max. Free Fire Max can still be downloaded. 

This has sparked a quiet protest from the gaming community. It was an issue of national security that led to such decisions. 

Keep reading to find out when India will allow Free Fire

Here are some facts that will help you get an answer.

 PUBG was banned many years ago and is not available on the Play Store. 

The ban is in effect for the store download. However, you can still play the game via direct apk downloading.

India: Free Fire Is Now Unbannable

Krafton’s lawsuit against the game is one reason we can track down Free Fire. 

Krafton is responsible for PUBG Mobile, BGMI.

 Free Fire is a clash with battle royale, which could or might not be the reason for the ban. Section69(A) of the IT Act bans 54 Chinese apps. 

Krafton sued Gareena over PUBG Mobile copying. This could lead to Garena Free Fire being banned permanently from the globe.

The Indian Govt has yet to restore the ban on banned apps. These apps are still forbidden, and Free Fire doesn’t appear to be returning. 

This means that there is no Free Fire date. The Govt official can consider it if needed. 

It is a severe national threat that is the reason for the ban. 

These threats cannot be ignored, and any apps subject to such a ban will remain blocked forever. 

People download the apk directly from Fire Servers, so they are not banned. The same applies to PUBG mobile.

What can be a Nation’s Threat to Free Fire?

India is a country where the most popular apps are widely used. This means that many people can access them. 

They could be government officials or regular civilians. These apps can quickly become popular and be available on smartphones. 

PUBG, or Free Fire, is a popular game that millions of Indians enjoy. 

These apps are prone to collecting data in suspicious ways. These apps pose security risks. 

The app also collects standard data during registration. This includes PUBG. 

Tencent, a well-known Chinese company, has some stake in these games. 

Please visit our article on Tencent Holding in Free Fire to learn more.

These apps cannot be banned if they are not classified as national-level threats or security threats.

 This is unlikely, as far as we know. These games, such as PUBG or Free Fire, will be banned for a very long time.