11 Best Mac Cleaner Apps to Optimize your Macbook

Are you looking for a good Mac optimizer or storage Cleaner tool that you can use to get rid of the annoying junk and cache on your Mac? If yes, this post is specially written for you. Here, I will introduce you to the Best Mac Cleaner apps of the current time. You can pick either of these and use it to clean your Macbook efficiently.

11 Best Mac Cleaner Apps in 2021

After using your Mac and browsing through the web, your Mac can store up a lot of junk and cache files that you don’t need. These files consume up a lot of valuable space. This may slow down the overall speed and performance of your Mac. To clean such files, there are tools available that can clear them in a single click. Such files are known as Mac Cleaner apps and Using the best apps is the best way to keep your Macbook clean and junk-free.

Best Mac Cleaner Apps

You might think about clearing the junk manually, but that is far from being achievable on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that the junk piles up in various different files and folders. You cannot go through the explorer and clear it yourself. Therefore, here are the 11 Best Mac Cleaner apps that you can use in 2020.

1. MacBooster 8 Pro

MacBooster 8 Pro is your one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs on Mac. The best part is that it is an overall maintenance tool for Mac. It is able to clean up 20 types of junk files and remove Mac malware and virus to protect your Mac. Also, MacBooster can optimize Mac hard disk to boost your Mac to the peak performance. You must try this tool once to know about its greatness better.

It Requires OS X 10.9 or later(compatible with macOS Catalina) to run efficiently. You can use it to clean all sorts of system junk files, internet cache, and duplicate files to free up precious space. Additionally, it will also maintain, manage, and protect your system.

2. Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is the next tool on our list. It is an amazing cleaning app for Mac that can help you clear the junk and free up space. It is embedded with a lot of additional features and utilities that you can use to boost the performance and speed of your Mac. Apart from that, it also protects the system against the dreaded virus and malware.

One notable feature of this tool is its ‘Privacy scan.’ The privacy scan detects and removes all the unwanted cookies, internet history, and cache from your browsers to protect your privacy. You can get the app from the App Store. This signifies its legitimacy.

3. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a very popular and one of the best Mac cleaner apps available out there. It is developed and published by a well-known Mac apps publisher, MacPaw. If you are looking for a good cleaner, this app is a complete package for you. It is able to clear all the system junk, cache, cookies, and duplicate files. Additionally, it also has a performance monitor and a malware remover to keep your Mac boosted and protected.

You can definitely give this tool a shot to understand it better. It is my guarantee that you won’t regret using it.

4. CCleaner (Mac version)

CCleaner is a very popular cleaner tool available for a number of operating systems. It is developed and published by Piriform. CCleaner’s Mac version is a very good cleaning utility for Mac. It is able to clean all the unnecessary files from your Mac and free up a notable amount of space. Also, you can customize which files or cookies you wish to keep.

The best part is that it is a freeware. Hence, anyone can use it for free without any hesitation.

5. DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk is the next mac cleaner on our list. It is a tremendous cleaning software and disk management tool for Mac. It is able to clean all sorts of unwanted files on your Mac like the junk, cache, and cookies. Additionally, you can use it to get a keen view of the system storage in the form of a chart. Then, you can study the chart to find the imperfections and vulnerabilities, and take the necessary actions accordingly.

DaisyDisk is also able to scan more than one disk at the same time at a remarkable speed. Just give this app a shot and you’ll realize that is quite worthy.

6. DiskDoctor

DiskDoctor is a well-known disk management and cleaner tool for Mac. It is able to clean all kinds of system junk files, unwanted cache, cookies, internet history, and duplicate files to free up space on your disk. You can also use this app to detect all the flaws on your disk and optimize it in the way you want.

This app got the ‘Mac Gem’ award by MacWorld in 2013. You can surely try it and see it becoming your favorite mac cleaner in a very short span of time.

7. Sensei- Mac Performance Tool

Sensei- Mac Performance Tool is the newest entry in our list. It is basically a performance management software for Mac. To enhance the performance, it frees up all the unnecessarily consumed space by junk files. It cleans all sorts of system junk, cache, logs, cookies, and large files.

It presents to you a crystal-clear image of how your Mac is currently performing and what you need to do in order to improvise it.

8. Mac Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro

Mac Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro is a wonderful disk cleaning utility for Mac. It is able to remove junk files, internet cookies, system logs, and unwanted apps to free up the needed space. You can use it to manage the extensions in a single click. Also, this app is able to reset apps by clearing their service files.

You can give this software a shot once, and know, how effectively it can clear all the trash files on your Mac.

9. Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro is one more Mac cleaner with a number of advanced tools to serve you better. It is able to get rid of all the junk and trash files in just a single click. So, you never run low on space. Additionally, you can also use it to manage the disk storage and keep everything organized on your Mac.

It is able to find duplicate files, unused old files, old downloads, and logs. Also, you can use it to delete crash reports that consume a lot of space.

10. Drive Genius

Drive Genius is a great mac cleaner app to get rid of the junk files occupying unwanted space on your Mac. It is able to clean all the trash and free up space to make sure the Mac keeps running smoothly. Drive Genius is your one-stop solution for cleaning, data recovery, and virus scanning.

It is often used by professionals for their Mac cleanup processes as it has a number of advanced features available.

11. Parallels Toolbox for Mac

Parallels Toolbox for Mac is a complete package of tools that you’ll ever need for your Mac. One of the tools from the toolbox is Clean Drive. It is able to detect and clean all the unwanted files, cookies, cache and apps. This is a very useful tool to keep your Mac junk-free so it is able to run at the maximum speed. If you don’t clean the junk, your Mac will get clumsy once it gets short on storage.

Other important tools of the toolbox include Uninstall Apps, Find Duplicates and Free Memory. You can use all of them to optimize your Mac in the best possible manner.

Final Words

These were the 11 best mac cleaner apps for you to use in 2020 and beyond. I hope this post helps you enough. For any queries, doubts, or suggestions, feel free to visit the comment box. I’ll be glad to listen and respond.