Fix GPS Signal Not Found 11 Error in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has now moved to the status of being called an ‘Evergreen’ game. But, some issues of the game have consistently annoyed the players. Error 11: GPS Signal not found is one such issue. If you have encountered it and want to fix it permanently, this post is specially written for you.

Here, I will guide you on fixing the GPS Signal Not Found (11) error in Pokemon Go. I will provide working solutions for both Android as well as iPhone users. No matter which device you use, you’ll be able to play the game peacefully.

What is Error 11: GPS Signal Not Found in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a massively popular AR-based game where you can fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a Pokemon Trainer. You have to go on your adventure, find and catch your favorite Pokemons, challenge Gyms, and do whatever you have seen in the Pokemon Anime. However, there are specific errors and issues in the game that may ruin your gaming experience.

Error 11: GPS Signal not found is one such error. It is a standard Pokemon Go error that has recently been reported a lot by players. This error prevents players from playing Pokemon Go on their Android smartphones or iPhones. When this issue pops up, the game will not be able to access your device’s GPS, and thus “GPS Signal not found” error message appears.

You will not be able to play the game as it prevents you from accessing the game, battling Gyms, catching Pokemon, and spinning PokeStops. So, it is essential to learn how to fix it.

What causes the GPS Signal Not Found 11 Error in Pokemon  Go?

The main cause behind the GPS Signal not found 11 error is the inability of the Pokemon Go app to access the GPS of your device. But, there are many underlying causes that may lead you to this instance. Sometimes the error may appear when the GPS feature is disabled or when the app loses permission to access the GPS.

The other times the error may appear when your device is rooted or jailbroken and Pokemon Go has detected suspicious behaviour. If you have tried location spoofing on Pokemon Go, you might have unknowingly triggered this issue.

How to Fix the GPS Signal Not Found 11 Error in Pokemon Go?

Now you have enough information about this annoying Error 11 in Pokemon Go. It is the right time to learn about fixing the issue. Since it is a common error, one can easily fix it by using simple methods. I have presented the most effective fixes for this error below. Just apply them and you can get rid of this issue.

Solution-1: Switch GPS Accuracy in a Different Manner

This solution was reported by a Reddit user “MyWifeDon’tKnowItsMe” and it has proved to be the most effective fix for this error in Pokemon Go. The game experts were not able to explain the reason, but even they have verified that it really works. Follow these steps to know what you have to do:

Step-1: Launch the Pokemon Go app.

Step-2: Now turn the GPS to Device only (low accuracy mode).

Step-3: Next, launch Google Maps without closing the Pokemon  Go app.

Step-4: Tap on the button in Maps to locate it on you.

Step-5: You will receive a prompt to turn on ‘High Accuracy Mode,’ tap  on ‘Yes.’

Step-6: Switch back to the Pokemon Go app and enjoy the game.

Note: Just turning on the high accuracy mode in GPS settings is not able to fix the error due to unknown reasons. You will have to follow the steps mentioned above.

That’s it. This solution is  known to work even in 2021.

Solution-2: Update Pokemon Go

App updates are provided to fix the existing bugs and improvise performance. If you haven’t updated the Pokemon Go app for a long time, you may encounter this issue. Follow these steps to resolve it:

Step-1: Launch the Play Store or iOS App Store.

Step-2: Search for Pokemon Go here.

Step-3: On the app page, tap on the ‘Update’ button if there are any updates available.

Step-4:  Wait for the app to update, and then launch it.

That’s it. If you are already using the latest app version, you can apply the next fix.

Solution-3: Re-install Pokemon Go

If you are using the latest Pokemon Go app version but the error is still annoying you, then you can try re-installing the app. Follow these steps:

Step-1: Uninstall the Pokemon Go app from your device.

Step-2: Clean the residual files and restart your smartphone.

Step-3: Now go to the Play Store or iOS App Store, search for Pokemon Go, and tap on ‘Install.’

Step-4: Wait for the app to install and then launch it.

Clean installation is another very effective fix for this Pokemon Go issue.

Solution-4: Turn Airplane Mode on & off

Sometimes the simplest solutions work like charm. A lot of Pokemon Go players were able to resolve this issue just by turning the ‘Airplane Mode’ on and then off on their device.

So, you can try this solution as well. Turn the Airplane mode on, let it on for 2-3 minutes, and then turn it off. After that, launch the Pokemon Go app and check if the issue is gone.

Solution-5: Check the Basics

Sometimes the GPS Signal not found issue in Pokemon Go is caused by general mistakes. So, you can fix the problems and that will make the error vanish. Go through these:

  • Check if GPS is disabled. If it is, turn it on.

  • Verify if Pokemon Go has location access to your device. To do that, go to Apps->Pokemon Go->Permissions, and then check if the toggle next to ‘Location’ is turned on.

  • Try resetting network settings. Go to Backup & Reset->Network Settings and then tap on ‘Reset Network Settings.’
  • Disable the ‘Mock Locations’ feature from the Developer options if you have turned it on.

  • Update your device software.

These are some general solutions that are able to solve the problem.

Final Take

Error 11: GPS Signal not found is a common Pokemon Go error that can frustrate you the core, especially when you are a hardcore player. This is how you can fix it and get back to catching Pokemon.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to share your experiences about the issue using the comment box.