Learning App Innovations – Are They Making It Easy to Acquire New Skills for All?

Learning is a never-ending process. You can start learning a new skill with the help of the right study partner and online courses. If you want to grow, never miss an opportunity to learn.

This article highlights a few apps and websites that will help you acquire new skills with appropriate online courses. You can even connect with study partners to get a feel of your classroom.

Getting the right course within a set budget and its completion within allocated time is a critical task. The following apps will make it easier for you. 


SweetStudy’s interactive portal helps students seek help from professional tutors. Thousands of students are part of their community, where you can seek help for a particular academic problem. You can post your question and select the most suitable tutor for you after reviewing their offers.

There are various offerings by SweetStudy, including homework answers. SweetStudy’s answers help complete your academic and homework assignments by seeking help from professional tutors and subject matter experts. You can get help from top-rated tutors in any subject, ranging from applied sciences to nursing.


YouTube has an abundance of free videos to learn new skills and subjects. Prodeus wants to help you get a virtual degree on YouTube. Their platform allows you to search for free online courses and crack your classes.

They have a Chrome extension that can help you select the right video course from the dropdown pane. You can switch between full-fledged or regular classes and choose language and difficulty levels.

Once you select a particular course, Prodeus will help track your progress. Gamification makes it interesting as you can unlock stages based on total class hours. 

Online Course Report

Online Course Report (OCR) targets adult learners and non-traditional students. Someone with a full-time job looking to add skills to their basket is the target popular segment of OCR. Their ranking emphasizes affordability and flexibility. These are crucial parameters for online learners.

You can check their ranking page to find the top rankings for different topics. Each of their content highlights the reason for choosing a rank, hourly rates, and eventual impact on salary. They also include other critical factors like graduation rates to help you decide on a course.

You can ignore the ad in the form of the floating ‘find your degree’ panel. 


Having friends along with you makes the learning process more fun. You have the option to discuss what you have learned, share notes, and even compete with each other. Cuddy will help you find an online buddy for a course you take up.

You can click on “Find a Buddy” to see the list of people looking for different partners. You will notice that some of them are looking for a general study partner while some have specific course requirements. You can even get more information about the skill level, general description, and course links.

You have the option to list yourself if you don’t find your ideal body. You simply have to enter the following details: 

  • Course name 
  • Type of course
  • Details or description of the course
  • A few lines about yourself
  • Your learning style
  • The objectives that you want to achieve
  • What you seek from your buddy


Nowadays, most online learning courses feature videos. It isn’t a preferred choice of learning for every student. Knowable focuses on broadcast or audio-based learning courses. You can listen to them while driving, working, or engaging in your daily house chores.

There are a variety of courses that can help you to learn, including:

  • Entrepreneurship and startup advice
  • Personal development and self-improvement
  • Business
  • Health

You have the option to join free courses where you can learn at your convenience. You can also access premium content that includes well-known names or experts guiding you. 

You even have the option to invite your buddy for free so that both of you can learn at the price of one. Including a buddy often helps increase your motivation in the online learning process. 

The websites and applications mentioned in this article are a mix of free and paid tools. You can rely on expert advice or get a full-fledged university degree. Whatever you choose, you should check out the numerous course options available online that offer education at minimal or no cost. 

If you face difficulty identifying free courses, you can start by looking for MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses offered by various universities.