How to Change your Apple ID Email on iPhone?

It is not necessary to have an Apple ID to use an iPhone, but without it, you will not get the most out of your phone. You need to have an Apple ID to unlock most of the convenient features of your phone. Your Apple ID allows you to download free apps from the App Store and Facetime in Cincinnati, among other things.

When you first set up your iPhone (or any other Apple device), you are asked to enter your Apple ID. If you do not have one, you can create an Apple ID at any time.

You must have only one Apple ID (although some people have more than one). Your Apple ID is an email address. It can be an Apple email address: @, @ or @ Or your Apple ID can be an email address like or any third party email address.

Make sure you have access to the email account (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc.) that is linked to your Apple ID. If you do not have it, you can not verify your Apple ID and, in turn, you will not be able to use your Apple ID.

You can change your Apple ID on your computer or any of your Apple devices. These are the steps to change your Apple ID on your iPhone.

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change Apple ID Email

Important steps before changing your Apple ID

Before changing your Apple ID on your iPhone, you must log out of all places where you have logged in with that Apple ID. This includes your iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and Apple HomePod, and others (if any). Stay connected on your iPhone.

Once you have changed your Apple ID, you must re-login to all your devices with your new ID.

If your Apple ID is an Apple email address (@, @ or @, you must change your Apple ID online at You can only switch to other emails that are aliased from your Apple ID email address in your account.

How to change your Apple ID on iPhone

These are the steps you will need to change your Apple ID through the configuration of your iPhone.

  1. Press the Settings icon.
  2. Touch your name, which appears near the top of your screen (should say Apple ID under your name).
  3. Choose the name, phone numbers, email.
  4. Where it says Reachable at, click on the blue Edit button.
  5. A red minus sign appears next to your Apple ID. Touch the minus red sign.
  6. A screen will appear where you can choose to Cancel or Continue. Choose Continue
  7. You will get a screen where you can enter an email address. This email address will become your new Apple ID.
  8. Wait for a confirmation email at the new email address. You must verify the email to complete the change in your Apple ID.

If you have changed your Apple ID to an Apple email address (@, @ or @, you will not be able to change it back to a third party email address in the future, according to Apple. The third-party email address you previously used will appear in your Apple ID account as an additional email.

7 Steps to change Apple ID email address

  1. Go to Apple ID page and then log in to the Apple ID for which you want to change the email address.
  2. Next, click on the Edit button that is right next to “Accessible in” in the Account section.
  3. Now select Change Apple ID under your Apple ID.
  4. Simply enter your new email address.
  5. Press Continue. You should find a verification code sent to the inbox of your new email address.
  6. Click on the Verify email address in that email link.
  7. Re-enter the verification code on Apple’s Apple ID page and press the Verify button. Finally, press Done.

You have just changed your Apple ID to another email address.

How to change the email address of an Apple ID that is already in use: 6 steps

  1. Go ahead; jump to the page” I forgot the Apple password.” Then enter with the email address to which you want to change your active Apple account (the one that cannot currently change because it is already being used). Press Continue.
  2. Press Continue.
  3. Select get an email. Then, again press Continue.
  4. Now simply jump into your inbox of the email address and look for a verification email sent by Apple. Open the email and select Reset now.
  5. Enter your new password and then press the Reset password. You now have the password for the Apple ID that you do not remember creating and intends to change your email address.
  6. Finally, follow steps 1-6 above in How to change the Apple ID email address. Simply change the email address associated with the inactive Apple ID (to which you now have access) and change it / add it to your new active Apple ID.

Now you can log out of the Apple ID of all your Apple devices and then log in again.

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Help! What do I do if I do not see the option to change the email address?

If the email address linked to your Apple ID is an address of @, @ or @, you can only change it to another email address of @ that is already linked to your Apple ID account. Unfortunately, you cannot change it to your email address in Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.

If you still persist in wanting to use Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc., make a backup copy and download all your content (such as your photos, contacts, iCloud Drive documents, content not purchased in iTunes, etc.), just start from zero with a new Apple ID, with your email from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.