15+ Best Textsheet Alternatives for Students (2021)

As Textsheet is down for an eternity now, people are looking for its alternatives to replace it. If you are also looking for some good Textsheet alternatives, then this post is specifically written for you. Here, I will introduce you to the 15+ Best Textsheet Alternatives that you can use instead of missing Textsheet.

If you miss using your beloved Textsheet to find solutions and help for assignments, just go through these and pick a new helper for you.

Best Textsheet Alternatives to Replace Textsheet

Textsheet was a very useful website for students and other scholars. It provided all the solutions for assignments and homework of students for free. Due to this, the website gained massive popularity among the students and became their favorite source to find answers. It worked using the API technology. When you enter a query in its search bar, it sent the query to Chegg answers and collected solutions through their website.

Unfortunately, Textsheet got completely banned from the internet due to the DMCA copyrights violation. The copyright issue was claimed by Chegg itself. Hence, no one can access the website now as the domain Textsheet.com is down permanently. So, students all around the world are now looking for some good alternatives to their popular helper. That’s why I’m listing here the Best Textsheet Alternatives that anyone can use to replace Textsheet.


PaperHelp is a custom writing services provided website. If you have a schedule of wasting so much time writing papers and assignments, then you can definitely seek help from PaperHelp. They are able to help you whether you are in school, college, university or even under Ph.D. However, they don’t provide any solutions or answers as Textsheet did. They’ll only offer to write for you. For example, you can ask them to write an essay, report, or anything. The only limitation with the website is that it isn’t completely free to use. But, the good thing is that they have a full money-back guarantee if you don’t like the services.

Course Hero

Course Hero is a very useful website for students. It grants you access to more than 20 Million study resources that are course-specific. The majority of these resources are shared by the community of students and other individuals from around the world. You can also share any good material if you want. You can find study guides, class notes, explanations, practice papers, and many other things here. The good thing is that it is a freemium service. So, you can use it for free by uploading your study material. But, if you don’t have that, then you’ll have to pay with money. Also, the premium subscription comes with added advantages like asking questions directly to online tutors and many more.


CrazyForStudy is a website that is specially developed to help students and other educators. It provides access to more than 50 million books and offers detailed solutions to your questions. It can be a perfect replacement for Textsheet once you understand how to use it. They also provide online assignment help for various topics like engineering, science, mathematics, accounting and many more. The only limitation of this is that it works only for students studying in Australia. So, if you are studying in Australia, you should put a bookmark on CrazyForStudy as it’ll be pretty useful for you.


Slader is another website that provides solutions to students for their assignments and homework for free. It is one of the most used websites by the students and educators in the USA. This website provides access to millions of solutions, notes, and practice papers for various subjects. The best part is that it is regularly updated and they are always trying to improve their content. The majority of the study material on this website comes from students all across the globe. You can also upload your material on this website to help other students.


SparkNotes is an online platform that provides very useful notes, guides, and solutions to students. They offer academic help for a variety of subjects including Science, Mathematics, Biology, History, English literature, and many more. The notes available here have brief summaries that allow you to learn the topic very easily. Also, you can take the quizzes available on this website to test yourself. One notable feature of this website is that it provides books and other material for many competitive exams like SAT, GRE, ACT, and many others. They also have an app for Android as well as iOS devices.


StudyLib is one of the most used Textsheet alternatives all around the world. It provides a massive collection of solved assignments and homework solutions to students and other educators. The majority of the content on this website comes from other students, professors, and teachers from all over the world. You can also submit your notes, assignments, or other study materials on their portal. Also, you can add papers and other documents to your library if you register for an account here. The only setback of the website is that it is somewhat less organized than its competitors.


Chegg is one of the most popular names in the Edu-Tech sector worldwide. It is the company that took down Textsheet due to copyright violation.  Apart from that, it is an amazing source for students to seek academic help. You can find solutions, notes, assignments, practice papers, and other study material here. Also, you can prepare for the competitive examinations by taking help from experts who are available day and night throughout the year. One more useful service is that you can rent or buy eTextbooks at a highly discounted price. And, you can also sell the old books that you no longer use on Chegg to earn some quick money.


Quora is a massively popular website among the students, educators, and self-learners. It is an online question and answer platform where the questions asked are answered by other Quora users. You can find all sorts of people on Quora, from experts to newbies. The best thing is that there is no restriction on any topic or subject. Just ask your question and wait until someone who knows the solution replies with an answer. It has more than 300 million monthly active users. So, you won’t find any trouble finding answers to any question.

Complete List of All 15 Best Textsheet Alternatives

  1. PaperHelp
  2. Course Hero
  3. CrazyForStudy
  4. Slader
  5. SparkNotes
  6. StudyLib
  7. Chegg
  8. Quora
  9. Coursera
  10. WayBack Machine
  11. Quizlet
  12. Byju’s
  13. ShawAcademy
  14. SlideShare
  15. Youtube

Final Words

As Textsheet.com is down permanently and you can’t use it anymore, it is essential that we find the perfect replacement for it. So, these were the 8 Best Textsheet Alternatives that students and other educators can use in 2020. Different platforms offer different services. You need to use them accordingly.

If you know about some more similar options, let me know in the comments below. I hope this post helps you enough.