13 Best Prezi Alternatives to Create Amazing Presentations

Presentations are the best way to exhibit your information, idea, or knowledge to someone or a group of people. Prezi is synonymous to presentations. It is the second most popular presentation making tool after PowerPoint. But, it even leaves PowerPoint behind in terms of certain features and capabilities. However, there are some tools that are equally as good as Prezi or even better. I’ll tell you about those Prezi alternatives here.

In this post, we’ll discuss the 13 best Prezi Alternatives that you can use instead of Prezi to create amazing presentations and be the winner of the meeting room.

List of 13 Best Prezi Alternatives in 2020

Prezi is a very popular presentation creation software that is seen as one of the best competitors to Microsoft PowerPoint. This software uses one large canvas that allows you to pan and zoom to various of the canvas, and focus on the ideas presented there instead of using slides. There are certain features of Prezi that give it an edge over the traditional Microsoft tool. But, Prezi isn’t the only tool having outstanding capabilities. There are several more tools like it that we call as Prezi alternatives.

Prezi Alternatives

Out of all the alternatives to Prezi available on the web, let’s take a look at the 13 best ones. You can use these to create amazing presentations and present your thoughts and ideas in front of anyone watching it.

1. Sparkol VideoScribe

VideoScribe by Sparkol is a great whiteboard video creation tool. It allows you to sketch whatever character you like on the white background and in this way, you can make present any story as a movie. This unique style of video engages the audience to the core and you can get the most out of their attention. This tool may not be the best option for live presentations. However, it is the most recommended one for online video presentations that are very popular these days.

2. Slides

Slides is another very popular presentation creation tool. This online editor allows you to create presentations having anything you want. It has text, images, tables, codes, and anything you need. It is an overall tool that is suitable for almost anyone. They even have support for developers.  You can also export your presentation as PDF and even sync them to Dropbox or Google Drive. This tool comes in a free and a paid version. Depending upon what kind of user you are, you shall choose the plan.

3. Powtoon

Powtoon is another great alternative for Prezi. This tool allows you to create awesome presentations and videos to demonstrate what you have been thinking. It has a good range of animated characters, library styles, backgrounds, templates, and special effects to choose from. The most outstanding feature of this tool is that whatever you create, appears very professional and presentable. Anyone can use it, from students to office goers, educators to entrepreneurs, and even designers.

4. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a great presentation creation tool for mobile and tablet users. If you have a habit of making presentations on your iPad, then you must install this tool right now. It is free to use and offers countless features that you can use to create beautiful presentations. Students prefer this app to make beautiful presentations to bag the best marks from their teachers.

5. Emaze

Emaze is the next Prezi alternative that is worth trying. This tool has a wonderful collection of pre-designed presentation themes, templates that include 3-D animations and video backgrounds. You can export whatever you create in the form of a video or a PDF file. The professional version of this tool even offers advanced features like analytics support, customized brand templates, and multi-user collaboration that is very beneficial for business owners.

6. RawShorts

RawShorts is more of a VideoScribe alternative than a Prezi one. This video presentation creation tool allows you to make wonderful presentations for any occasion or topic. The best thing about this tool is the self-explanatory user interface. Even if you are a beginner, you can use this one without any considerable trouble. If you have a website, blog or even a Youtube channel, you should definitely start using this tool.

7. Slidebean

Slidebean is a very useful tool to create fast presentations on the go. It provides amazing detailed templates and backgrounds that you can use in your presentation. And, it even suggests a complete blueprint for your presentation that you can follow and create a beautiful presentation within a few minutes. You can export it as PDF and even sync it to Google Drive.

8. Keynote

Keynote is the official presentation maker tool by Apple. It is an easy to use graphical tool that has a good collection of themes, animations, and everything needed to create an intriguing presentation. Anyone can easily use it, from students to professional workers, educators to business owners, and everyone else. If you are habitual to making presentations on your iPad, this tool can be the best option for you.

9. Focusky

Focusky is an excellent Prezi alternative that offers incredible set of features. You can use this tool to create freely zoomable presentations. The user interface of this tool is very simple and smooth. You’ll understand everything only after creating your first presentation. My favorite feature of this tool is the ability to re-arrange the slide elements by dragging and dropping them on the blank canvas.

10. Academic Presenter

Academic Presenter is another simple to use vector-based presentation maker. You can use this tool to create marvelous presentations that include images, audios, videos, and even graphs. It offers a great set of tool that keep guiding you throughout as what you should add and remove from your project.

11. SlideDog

SlideDog is the next recommendation from our side. This Windows presentation maker software allows you to combine different types of elements such as images, PDFs, PPTs, and many more into a compiled multimedia presentation. The files that you use are shown without any conversion or compression, hence, always maintaining the quality of your project. You can even add interactive elements to your projects like polls, questions, and feedback systems.

12. Moovly

Moovly is an online video presentation maker tool that is specifically designed to be used by the business people. This tool lets you create awesome videos for your audience by simply dragging and dropping the multimedia files on the unbounded canvas. It consists of some really advanced tools that casual users will have a tough time understanding. But, once you know about them, you can reap the full benefits out of this amazing presentation creation tool.

13. CustomShow

CustomShow is another professional presentation creation tool. This tool provides all the basic templates, backgrounds, and custom elements that you’ll need to create an interactive presentation for your audience combined with a set of really advanced features. If you are a marketing intern or marketing professional, you must understand how to use this tool properly to see the sales boost rapidly.


These are some of the best Prezi Alternatives that you can use to create sensational presentations. If you know about some more good ones, let us all know in the comments. I’ll add them to this list as well. Presentations are the best way to express yourself and your idea in front of the audience. So, make sure you always create the best one.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. If you need help regarding anything mentioned above, feel free to use the comment box.