Pokemon GO Developer Niantic is Working on a Brand-New Game.

Niantic is Working on a Brand-New Game: For many players, The first thing that pops into the mind when thinking of the developer Niantic is most likely Pokemon Go, which is the AR mobile game giant.

But Niantic has an extensive history of developing games and working on AR, and it seems like it’s in the process of creating something different.

Niantic has made its first breakthroughs in the market with The game Ingress, an augmented-reality mobile game that would see its roots used for bringing Pokemon Go into existence. 

While Pokemon Go remains in play, the company has been developing other games since the beginning, such as Pikmin Bloom, which was released this year.

With various games in development, Niantic isn’t slowing down anytime soon since the company is currently searching for talent for the next title. 

In a job announcement released recently, Niantic reveals that it’s explicitly seeking a Senior System Designer to help develop the gameplay components of the game’s first-ever release’ at their London studio. 

The job description doesn’t provide anything about what the game will be about; however, clues are scattered throughout the job posting.

Niantic is looking specifically for developers with an interest or previous experience with VR games and geo-location capabilities which suggests that any game it develops will likely adhere to the same basic guidelines that it has used in its last significant games.

 The description explicitly states that the company creates games based on interaction and exploration in the real world; therefore, the game will not be outside its normal scope of operations. 

The requirements for the job include the ability to design and optimize mobile games for digital using Unity and to have previous experiences with game models that are free to play. 

Although the specifics of the game are not known, it appears to include the same features as Pokemon Go and is most likely an online, free-to-play AR game that consists of some form of geo-location feature.

Although Niantic’s CEO is concerned regarding the metaverse and the metaverse, it’s clear Niantic’s gaming company plans to keep working on Augmented Reality. 

Incorporating a game’s video over the real world using users’ phones has proven to be a popular gaming technique, allowing players of Niantic to hunt for Pokemon and capture Pikmin and locate legendary creatures in The Wizarding World.

Not every game Niantic has come up with using this model is a massive success in the beginning; for example, despite the initial excitement surrounding the title, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was removed just three years after it was released.

 But, as the company responsible for one of the most acclaimed gaming phenomenons of the past decade, the company could be another winner with the next game it releases.

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