Top 4 YouTube new search features to improve video searchability

YouTube brings a few significant updates to its search functionality. YouTube will now show video chapters directly on the search results page. It will enable users to discover more relevant content on its platform. 

It will also show search results snippets on its mobile app. Besides, this YouTube update will also display content in other languages with automatically translated captions.

Top 4 YouTube new search features to improve video searchability

1. Video Snippets on Mobile Devices Search Page

This feature is new for YouTube’s mobile app. Thus, users can view short clips of YouTube videos when browsing their desktops. For this, one needs to hover over the thumbnails. 

However, YouTube has updated this feature to include it on the search page for mobile apps. As a result, you can now preview videos before you watch them.

2. Video Section in Search Results Page

In YouTube’s new feature, you can add Video sections to the search results page of YouTube. It’s essentially an extension of the video section’s features. 

Generally, creators can split videos into multiple chapters, which will appear on the seek bar. It allows viewers to see all sections and jump to the most important quickly.

YouTube had been showing video sections only when users opened YouTube videos. However, the video sections will now appear on the search results page. 

This YouTube update will help viewers to make decisions whether or not to view the video.

3. YouTube will Translate Titles and Captions for Videos as per your Language.

Suppose you can’t find the right content on your local search page. Therefore, YouTube will also show videos in other languages. In such a case, they will translate the captions, titles, and descriptions as per your language.

Users will have access to more videos created by global content creators via YouTube. 

4. Displaying Relevant Links According to Your Terms

YouTube also added a new feature, displaying relevant links according to your search. It includes other content formats from Google search within videos. 

Usually, these features are now available for both mobile and desktop apps on YouTube worldwide. It is currently available for Indian and Indonesian users on mobile devices. 

However, YouTube is considering expanding the feature to other countries based on feedback from users.