Should I Buy or Build? Investing in E-learning

The Elearning industry shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Even though e-learning isn’t a new concept, its revenue and academic footprint have steadily expanded globally. As a result of this growth, companies in every region of the world are increasing their use of e-learning. But, when it comes to learning management systems, the question is whether to purchase or build them.

To better understand the situation and the answer to this above dilemma, let’s take a look at the current scenario of the situation.

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Current Scenario

Using e-learning to replace traditional instructor-based training can save businesses 50% of their costs. By using e-learning, we can also reduce the teaching time by 50%. The training industry has been transformed by e-learning. Knowledge can be transferred better by learning in smaller proportions. The shorter sessions are more effective. As a result, the learners were better able to absorb the information that they were receiving.

In addition to certification, e-learning has helped in a big way with the development of e-learning. Less time is spent in the classroom because the lessons are spaced out over a period of time. Each module does not exceed more than 30 minutes. Bite-sized courses provide users with the convenience of accessing courses at any time. During idle time or travel time, learners can take the certification. As a result, more participants take the certification.

Why ‘Build’?

Getting pre-designed training modules from reputed organizations is always an attractive offer in today’s evolving markets. Instead of spending time, resources, and funds building your own, it seems better to buy. Even so, if implemented properly, the ‘Build’ strategy could play a major role in driving revenue. A competitive advantage is the greatest benefit that comes from creating your e-learning model. If you operate in a market segment with high levels of competition, you are unlikely to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It does not matter how much training you purchase; if it is the same as what your competition is buying, you will lose your edge. It is better to develop your online courses!

Developing e-learning material within an organization has a lot of advantages. Relevant examples can easily be incorporated into e-learning material created on an internal basis. Your company’s brand image will be reflected in the way you train employees.

If the materials are built internally, managers also have a chance to contribute to the process, as well. This will encourage managers to reinforce the training. It will also help create a sense of ownership.

Why ‘Buy’?

Although e-learning is growing at a rapid rate, firms are still reluctant to make investments. This is due to the initial costs involved. As a result of the automatic reductions in instructors’ salaries and training materials expenses, training costs are significantly reduced.

Companies face the biggest challenge when it comes to marketing. However, this scenario has changed entirely with e-learning. It is now possible to deliver training materials online in a timely and convenient manner. As soon as the internal material is reviewed for marketability, it can be made available to the employees.

Making up your business training materials as you go along will not work! Developing training content based on the same models across industries is a waste of time. It is, therefore, more beneficial to purchase the materials developed by experts in the field to facilitate employee learning.

The company cannot hire experts in all topics relating to its operations. Many training materials that are developed will lack authenticity without expert guidance. Companies with inadequate internal resources should consider acquiring e-learning content rather than developing it themselves. They can choose from various LMS such as Accord software, Performance Pro, Litmos, and many more.

To Conclude:

You should build your Elearning modules if your content is highly relevant to your organization only. It is necessary to develop high-risk content such as business ethics, conduct codes, cybersecurity, or company policies are to be developed. If highly specialized training is provided online that isn’t available anywhere else, building your own will be useful. You can also go for creating your own if you have better software development quality. Buying will be convenient for those with generic content with urgent needs. If you find an LMS vendor who is an expert and can provide you with quality.

Identifying the most suitable solution for your business model will help you make an informed decision.