6 Best Video Marketing Strategies in 2021

In today’s business field, video marketing has a high reach. When compared to other forms of content – visual content always has the upper hand in marketing. 

The statistics tell us – nearly 5 billion videos are being watched on YouTube every day. People use youtube to educate, entertained, and informed. 

With so many people using the platform, you have an excellent opportunity to find and reach your ideal prospect using video marketing.

Video marketing is not about focusing only on YouTube. You can strategize and use it on any social media platform. 

Because you can’t be sure where your audience is, you have to utilize all the platforms to find your customer and increase profit.

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6 Best Video Marketing Strategies in 2021

So, if you’re looking for a way to excel in video marketing, here are some guidelines to follow.

1. Come out by telling stories. Don’t be sales-oriented

Whatever the content marketing be – text, audio or visuals are the ones that help to connect with people and keep them still in place. It gives an emotional bond. 

Moreover, giving a live example, testimony, or any true story with related content boosts people’s mindset to watch the video. If you are only focused on brands & product sales, your video will get ignored.

2. Wisely use your beginning seconds for your Video Marketing

You know, one in five of your audience clicks the video right away in 10 seconds. We would also be in one of them. Thus here’s where you should apply the trick.

Putting all efforts into building up the whole content won’t help you achieve viewers. Try telling what you will explain in this video in the first few seconds to get some idea of what they will see.

3. Add humor to your videos.

Statistically speaking, people spend more time watching a funny video rather than a regular video. So, make sure you include some fun or humor in your videos.

Even with the funny video, you must be careful that it does not hurt any sentiments or feelings of an individual. Make sure you are conveying your message. It should not get lost in the humor. 

We are confident that you will get a good engagement on your video with the perfect blend of your content and mood.

4. Stick to your schedule when Video Marketing

Make a plan to attain your goals – it increases your subscribers or gets more engagement. Analyze your insights to find when the engagement for your post is high. Plan a schedule of posts accordingly.

You can use websites that let you schedule to post on a particular time and date on various social media platforms. Thus, it saves you time and helps you to be prepared for weeks together.

5. Process your video for SEO

SEO optimization is essential for any social media content, and that is no exception for video posts. Here are a few tips you will have to implement to get better results.

  • Video descriptions and tags – this helps your video to get categorized according to the content. It could also help you in the affiliate marketing process. 
  • Hashtags – Hashtags are essential in projecting your videos to potential viewers. With a good set of hashtags, you can surely see changes in your engagement rate.

6. Don’t forget CTA’s

Your video must have a call-to-action element at the end or the start. You have to urge your viewers to take some steps after watching the video.

It would be best if you use strong words in a suggestive tone. It may be either a simple like, comment, or a big step such as clicking the link below and that directs them to your website.

To summarise, your overall aim with video marketing should continually educate customers and, in the end, place your trademark in the industry.