WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Feature: How will this feature work? Who can use it?

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Feature: How will this feature work? Who can use it?

After a few months of speculation, WhatsApp has finally come up with multi-device support. Last month, the head of the company said that this feature would appear soon. Finally came this important feature. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said creating this feature is a technical challenge for the company. Why is this feature so complicated? Know all the information before use.

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What is WhatsApp’s new multi-device support?

While using WhatsApp from the computer for so long, the phone that has WhatsApp connected, the phone had to be connected to the Internet all the time. However, the new feature will allow each device to be individually connected to the WhatsApp server. As a result, WhatsApp can be used from the computer even if the internet is turned off on the smartphone or the smartphone is switched off. It is no longer mandatory for him to have a smartphone connected to the internet.

Is WhatsApp giving multi-device support to all customers?

No. Beta-testing of this feature is currently underway. This means that very few customers can use this feature.

Who can use this feature?

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business Beta customers can use this feature. Customers of both Android and iOS platforms will be able to join this beta program.

How many devices can you connect with WhatsApp multi-device support?

This feature can be used by connecting your WhatsApp account with up to four devices at once.

Is this a completely new feature?

You can use WhatsApp on the computer through your primary device at the moment. This is to secure chat and voice calls through end-to-end encryption. However, the new feature does not require the primary device to be connected to the Internet.

Will the chat still be as secure as before?

Yes, with the advent of new features, all WhatsApp chats and calls have end-to-end encryption protection.

Will the chat sync across devices?

Yes, your chat will be synced with all connected devices. If you mute or archive a chat, that information will also be synced across devices.

How will the message sync to all devices?

WhatsApp says, ‘Whenever a new device is added, the primary device encrypts all recent chats and sends them to the new connected device. If this message is downloaded and restored securely on the new device, the encryption key will be deleted. After that, the message will reach the new device from the local database.

Can all the features of WhatsApp be available on multi-devices?

However, not all features work because of this feature working in the beta version at the moment. Now, no live location can be seen from any device other than the primary device. Also, some of the chat features are currently being used only on smartphones.