Stellar Converter for MBOX: The Best Way to Convert MBOX Files

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When it comes to migrating from an MBOX-based email client to Microsoft Outlook, the best and easiest way is to use a specialized MBOX to PST converter. However, there are a number of MBOX to PST converter tools available on the internet. Considering the user-friendliness, effectiveness, and cost, we recommend Stellar Converter for MBOX. Here, we will provide an insight into this product.  

About Stellar Converter for MBOX

Stellar Converter for MBOX is a professional software designed to convert MBOX files into PST. The software comes with incredible features, like selective conversion, multiple saving options, a user-friendly interface, and much more. It can also directly export MBOX file data to Office 365. It can convert MBOX files into PST and a few other formats, like MSG, EML, etc. The software is compatible and supports the conversion of MBOX files of nearly all major email clients, such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Spicebird, Entourage, Pocomail, Eudora, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Netscape Opera Mail, Claws Mail, and Mozilla Mail. 

Why is Stellar Converter for MBOX special?

The software is primarily designed to make the MBOX file into PST conversion simple and straightforward. It offers a simple user interface (UI) that makes it easy to operate even for non-technical users. Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution for users looking for an MBOX conversion tool that offers great features and is affordable. 

Key Features of Stellar Converter for MBOX

Here are some key features of this software that need a mention:

User-friendly Interface: The software comes with a user-friendly interface and offers its users easy navigation options. Any user with little or no technical knowledge and skills can easily convert MBOX files into PST and other file formats in a few clicks. 

Supports Multiple Email Clients: The tool is compatible with nearly every MBOX-based email client, including Google Takeout, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Spicebird, Entourage, Pocomail, Eudora, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Opera Mail, Claws Mail, Mozilla Mail, and others. 

Selective Conversion: There is an ‘Apply Filter’ feature in the software that allows the user to save converted mailbox items based on specific parameters. It allows the user to filter emails based on specific date ranges and email addresses before saving them.  

Preview of Converted items: The one feature many users will find interesting and effective is the preview of converted items in the mailbox. This helps the users to check the integrity of the data.  

Multiple Saving Options: The users can save their MBOX data in a new or existing PST, EML, MSG, RTF, HTML, and PDF formats. The tool also allows the users to export MBOX mail data to Office 365 or Outlook Profile. 

Software Versions and Pricing

There are two versions of Stellar Converter for MBOX available to the users: Corporate and Technician. These editions differ from one another when it comes to features and pricing. The Technician edition comes with all the features of the Corporate version, but the former also has a few additional features. It saves converted data into existing PST and formats like RTF, HTML, and PDF. It can directly export MBOX file data to Outlook profile and Office 365. The Corporate edition of the software is available at a price of $39, while the Technician version comes at ₹99. To evaluate any of the editions – Corporate or Technician, you can download their free trial version.  

System Requirements for Stellar Converter for MBOX Installation

There are some specific system requirements to install Stellar Converter for MBOX. We recommend you to ensure that your system is running on: 

  • A CPU from the Pentium series (Minimum)
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or 11 Operating System
  • A RAM of at least 4 GB, but for the best performance, 8 GB RAM is recommended
  • Free available storage space of 250 MB (Minimum)

How to Convert MBOX into PST using the Software?

Installation of Stellar Converter for MBOX and thereafter MBOX file conversion process is hassle-free and smooth. It takes a few clicks to convert the MBOX file into PST format. Given below are the simple steps you can follow to convert the MBOX file using the software.

  • Download Stellar Converter for MBOX from the official website and then run the downloaded .exe file. Follow the wizard to install the software.
  • Launch the tool. You will see a window asking you to select the MBOX file.
  • Click the ‘Email Client’ dropdown and choose the specific email client. Click on the Select File button. In case you want to convert more than one file, then click select Identity Folder.
  • After selecting the file or Identity Folder, click on Convert button to start the process.
  • A pop-up window will show the progress of the conversion process.
  • You can view mailbox items once the conversion is complete. Click any item to check its contents.
  • Select the list of folders you want to convert to PST and click on Save Converted File.
  • Select New PST from the list of file formats and click on Next. You can then click on the Browse option to select a location for saving the PST file.
  • Click Save.                                                      

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Stellar Converter for MBOX:


  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports multiple MBOX files conversion
  • Offers flawless and efficient performance
  • Simple and secure software
  • Multiple saving options are available.


  • It is a paid plan 
  • Supports only English Language.


When it comes to MBOX to PST conversion, Stellar Converter for MBOX is one of the most trusted and highly effective converter tools. The software comes with incredible features, like selective conversion, batch conversion, and multiple saving options. It is an ideal tool for both technical and non-technical users as it has a simplified and user-friendly interface. We highly recommended this software if you’re looking for a simple yet effective MBOX to PST conversion tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Which email clients are supported by Stellar Converter for MBOX?

Stellar Converter for MBOX supports a wide range of MBOX-based email clients, such as Thunderbird, Spicebird, Entourage, Pocomail, Eudora, Apple Mail, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Netscape, Claws Mail, Opera Mail, Mozilla Mail, Evolution, Sylpheed, Cone, Mutt, Gnu, and Google Takeout.

2. Can I convert a single mail into a PST file?

No, you cannot convert single mail to PST. You can only convert a complete MBOX file.

3. How many formats do the software support to save the converted MBOX mails?

The converted emails can be saved in various formats, such as PST, MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, and PDF.

4. Can I find my MBOX file from an unknown location?

Yes, the software offers the ‘Find’ module by which you can easily search your MBOX files within the selected volume or drive.

5. Can I open attachments using the Demo version of the software?

No, you cannot open the attachments in the demo version of the software. You can only view the mail body. To view or save all the data and attachments, you are required to purchase and activate the software.