Kahoot Hack- Working Auto Answer Scripts & Keys [2021]

In this era of digital education, Kahoot! has played a critical role for both the teachers and the students. It is a game-based learning platform where teachers can create quizzes and other learning activities for their students. The bad side to this story is that some cunning students are now trying to hack Kahoot to get better grades.

A simple search of Kahoot hacks will lead anyone, even an 8-years old, to many scripts and keys that can be used to manipulate how Kahoot works. There are many Kahoot hacks like the Auto-answer script, Score changer, etc. In this post, I will highlight all of them and provide simplified instructions on how they work.

How Kahoot! is Working Towards the Future of Education?

Kahoot! is a widely used gamified learning platform. Many schools and educational institutions are now preferring platforms like Kahoot to educate their students. It allows the teachers to interact with the students more exciting and fun. When the schools and colleges were shut down, Kahoot played a critical role in helping students stay connected with their studies.

Teachers and students can use Kahoot on their mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC. It has a mobile app and a website. Teachers can turn regular activities like classroom lectures, tests, etc., into game-based quizzes and competitions using either of them.

Students can participate in the competition using the “PIN.” They can also earn points and even some exciting prizes. All of this has helped revolutionize the concept of education during tough times. As a result, Kahoot managed to reach new heights every single day.

Is it Possible to Hack Kahoot Easily?

It is a widespread belief that anything connected to the internet can be hacked, someday, in some way. The same is the case with Kahoot. Any person with basic knowledge of ethical hacking can crack through the security protocols of Kahoot.com. Although hacking the Kahoot mobile app is not so simple.

But, there have been incidents of hackers exploiting specific bugs and loopholes of the Kahoot app to bypass its security protocols. That’s why it is possible to hack Kahoot on the website as well as the app (specifically, an older version of the Kahoot app). And, this has been a way of having fun and trolling their teachers for some blatant students.

How do people Hack Kahoot?

I already mentioned that users primarily try to hack the Kahoot website using scripts, extensions, and keys. All of these are developed by professional hackers and modders on the internet. The Kahoot! website is written in JavaScript. The hacks exploit the existing bugs in the code and bypass the security protocols.

Apart from this, some students don’t hack Kahoot, but still, they manage to cheat in the tests provided by their teachers using simple tricks. I’m sharing both of these things below. You can go through them to find out how easy and simple it has become for exploiters to cheat on Kahoot.

Method-1: Using Kahoot Hack Browser Extensions

There are many Chrome browser extensions available on the web that helps you in hacking Kahoot. You need to add them to Chrome on your PC, activate them while taking the quiz, and that’s it. Remember that these extensions only work for the Kahoot website and not for the Kahoot mobile application.

Here are some examples of such Chrome extensions that are built to hack or cheat on Kahoot.com:

1. Kahoot Auto Answer Hack: This multifunctional Chrome extension exploits website bugs to find and guess the correct answer to every question in the quiz correctly. The key features of this program include fetching answers automatically, altering the number of points won per question, and failing the test on purpose.

2. Kahoot Flooder/Spammer: This Chrome extension is used to flood the Kahoot website with random bots. The bots then send multiple answers to the questions in the quiz. All of this confuses and troubles the teacher.

3. Invisible Kahoot Name: This Chrome extension will make your name Kahoot invisible. No one will be able to see your name, and the space next to your answers will remain empty.

4. Kahoot Keys: This Chrome extension allows you to answer questions on Kahoot without using the mouse. You can send the answers with the first four number keys on the keyboard. This is not a hack but more like a “help-tool.”

Along with these, there are many other such extensions available in the Chrome Web Store.

Method-2: Using Scripts, Keys & Websites

Some more advanced spammers who know how the internet works rely on specific scripts, keys, and websites to hack into the Kahoot ecosystem. They generally do this to ace the quiz and have fun. Here are some examples of such Kahoot hacks.

1. Mem-rip/Kahoot: It is the most popular website to hack Kahoot. You will find multiple hacks available here to cheat and spam in any Kahoot test.

2. Kahoot Rocks: This website will help you bypass the username and appear in the test without recording any progress. When it is active, the system will not record your responses and scores.

3. Kahoot Ninja: This website provides two main scripts for hacking Kahoot. One supports bot spamming the quiz, while the other allows you to fetch answers automatically.

4. GoDoc.org/HackPackage: This website offers a complete suite of tools to hack on Kahoot.com. Their suite contains multiple command-line tools and a Go Package for other Go Programs to interact with.

5. Kahoot Winner: This website allows you to win every Kahoot game that you take part in automatically. You have to enter your details on their portal to win the game.

Method-3: Simple Tricks to Cheat on Kahoot

Apart from the hacks mentioned above, some students use simple tricks to cheat on Kahoot quizzes. Some of the tricks that those students use are available below:

  • Ask their friends to share the answers when they find them.
  • Capture the answer when it is shown on the board mistakenly.
  • Use Kahoot! Website in two tabs. Run the game in one tab, and sign in with a spare account on another. After finding the pack on which the game is running, they can easily find all the answers.
  • Take help from their friends or the smart kids of the class.
  • Please find all the potential packs and note down their answers.

Many teachers now acknowledge these tricks and know-how to limit them. Still, there are a lot of teachers who are innocent and don’t know that their students are trying to exploit the system.

What Teachers Should do to Block Spammers/Hackers?

Teachers should follow some extraordinary measures to prevent their students from hacking Kahoot. Using them will minimize the annoying experiences of spamming or crashing the Kahoot games. The first thing the teachers should do is make sure that all of their students are using the latest version of the Kahoot app.

None of them should be using the Kahoot website or older versions of the app. Those are more vulnerable to exploits and spam. Teachers should also stop leaking information or hints to any of the students as they can end up spreading it. They should not share the PIN way ahead of time.

There are many Kahoot-like websites and third-party apps available on the app. Teachers should not try them and stay with Kahoot. These are some simple precautions that can help make the change.

Final Verdict

A lot of students are nowadays trying to hack Kahoot to look “Cool.” They don’t have any purpose. They are just doing it for the sake of annoying their teachers and impressing their friends. However, this isn’t how things work. If you are reading this post as a student, I’d strongly recommend that you stop indulging in such activities as they will only waste your time and impact your future adversely.

Instead, you should study honestly, acknowledge the efforts of your teachers, and appear in the quizzes sincerely. This will make an impact somewhere down the line. That’s all for this post.