How To Check Your Valorant Purchase History

Valorant Purchase History: Riot’s first-person shooter game Valorant is now one of the most popular PC games over the last few months. While it’s a game that is free to play, however, players must pay money to buy skins, as with other games. If you’ve bought a variety of skins for Valorant and you’re now wondering how much you’ve spent the total amount, there’s a method to determine the exact amount. Don’t waste time; this is a must-read guide to examining your Valorant purchase record.

How to See Purchase History in Valorant

However, the game doesn’t include any features to track all purchased items. Thus, players need to go to the official purchase history page for Riot to see your Valorant purchasing history.

After accessing the site, sign in to the account, you have created on your Riot accounts if you don’t have one yet. After that, click the blue “get my purchase history” button located on the right in the centre. This will take you to the page with your history. Then, all information from the date and the amount of VP and payment method will show on the screen.

Furthermore, can use it to review purchases for different Riot Games, such as League of Legends, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics and many others. If you’ve bought something you regret or are unhappy with one of your recently made Valorant purchases, you can receive full reimbursement within 14 days.

However, the time frame could differ for various Riot Games titles. So, be sure to verify the refund policies before requesting the refund. The button for refunds will display at the bottom of all your purchases. It is important to keep in mind that levels for character contracts, battle passes, weapon skins, Radianite point bundles, and bundles are not refundable.