Google Workspace Apps – Are They Safe?

In terms of productivity, collaboration, file storage, and cloud performance, Google Workspace are definitely one of the most secure web tools available today. As a brand promise, Google is actively working to ensure the protection of its customers, with security checklists aimed to aid modern and cloud-first organizations.

What is Google Workspace?

Workspace is an environment of online interconnected productivity applications that sustains digital and hybrid teams. A SaaS solution, Workspace gives businesses access to Gmail in a custom domain, text editing app, spreadsheets, slides, forms, website builder, chat, video-conferencing app, calendar, notes, and hundreds of third-party add-ons.

Among the Google Workspace products, you will find Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Contacts, Google Forms, and Google Meet, all of which allow teams to connect, collaborate, and communicate across physical and virtual devices.

Google Workspace security: most important features

While every business and its needs are unique, Google Workspace guarantees the same level of security for everyone. With the ease of access from any device, anywhere, is a big plus for Workspace, this feature can also become a major concern for businesses that need to protect their and their customer’s data.

Let’s look at some of the key security features of Google Workspace and how Google ensures that all your data is protected and stored securely.

Enhanced security

When it comes to security, Google has one of the world’s most advanced and secure infrastructures. With more than 700 full-time engineers, the company has led the way in discovering software vulnerabilities and implementing protections like 2-step verification or data encryption. In the same manner, Google Workspace passes audits and complies in the safety sector, guaranteeing a flexible and scalable workspace while protecting your critical data.

Increased privacy

Certificates issued by independent statutory auditors confirm this service’s security, privacy, and compliance with regulations.

ISO 27001 is one of the most widely recognized safety standards. Google achieved it through the systems, technologies, processes, and data centers that support Google Workspace.

ISO 27017 is an international standard for information security in cloud services.

ISO 27018 is an international confirmation of the protection of data that can be used for personal identification.

SOC 2, SOC 3, and FedRAMP. In addition to international certificates, Google has also successfully passed security controls, and audits of American authorities that prepare SOC (Service Organization Controls) and FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) reports.

Compliance with worldwide regulations

Google is committed to complying with regulatory requirements across industries and sectors like healthcare and education. The company keeps transparent in regard to storing the customers’ data. No data is sold to third parties, used for advertising in Google Workspace, or collected for advertising purposes.

How does Google Workspace allow administrators to ensure user protection?

At the same time, Google is equipping administrators with many tools that will help them adjust the level of protection for the company’s individual needs. What control will an administrator have over the Google Workspace apps?

For each of the users and employees, a Google Workspace administrator can set up settings like:

  • Two-step verification
  • Security keys like U2F devices
  • Single sign-on to access all the applications with a single Google login
  • Protocols OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect

Also, data handling settings like:

  • IRM security
  • Google Drive audit log
  • Personalized security alerts
  • Trusted domains

Or security for digital correspondence:

  • Additional encryption for each and one of the Google Workspace emails
  • Protection against phishing
  • Data Loss Prevention in Gmail
  • Rules for handling controversial content
  • Limiting the exchange of messages

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