Lost Ark Player Banned for the character’s name “Hellgate.”

Lost Ark Player Banned: Many players have gotten into Lost Ark after its release in western regions on Friday.

 This is a lot of players getting acquainted with Lost Ark and experiencing the narrative for the first time, and finding their place within the community of MMOs.

 This is also a sign that Lost Ark players are being reintroduced to the oversight of the publisher Amazon at the beginning and what this means.

 One example of this is one Lost Ark player who claims that they were temporarily barred and had to change their names, which were the relatively benign names for “Hellgate.”

Maplecaca from Reddit shared a post on the subreddit for Lost Arksharing their impressions of the game’s excessive moderation policies.

 They claimed that they had created their character Hellgate in the Lost Ark‘s early access phase and had bought the Founder’s Pack. 

They signed into the game one month later to find a 24-hour suspension due to the “Naming Policy Code of Contact.”

Maplecaca and Maplecaca both confused by the whole situation, initially was thinking that they may have used a negative word in one of their characters’ names.

 They only had two character names: Scarce, and the second one was Hellgate. 

They thought it would be absurd to be banned for the name Hellgate; however, after their ban of 24 hours was over, they had to alter to the Lost Ark character’s name. 

It was confirmed that Amazon was not a fan of its name Hellgate.

The term “Hell” has been a part of the world of MMOs or online gaming for a long time. 

Although it’s historically been considered a curse word, however, in the world of video games, it’s most likely a part of the storyline of a game instead of being considered a sin.

 This is why maplecaca and everyone else who participated in this Reddit thread aren’t sure regarding the subject.

Another Reddit user offered an idea, however. They claim that Amazon employed a third-party vendor for its second MMO, New World, and New World, plagued by similar issues. 

The concept was that players could be reported for any reason, and the partner of Amazon would prohibit them, enforce name changes, or give more severe punishments, but without making sure it was the case. 

Maplecaca might have been unfairly punished through this ineffective moderation, especially if Amazon is using that same company.

Many other options could be considered for Lost Ark moderation of Hellgate. 

Hellgate can be, as an instance, a licensed video game franchise that was launched in 2007, as well as the name of several films. 

Lost Ark players must be aware. It is likely the case that the Hellgate name was used in a sloppy or malicious report, and Amazon’s moderation could not shield the Hellgate players. 

It is likely that South Korea, where Lost Ark was made in the first place, might impose stricter limitations on Korean use in games.

Lost Ark is now available on the PC.