Lost Ark Players Disagree on Skipping Cutscenes.

Lost Ark Players Disagree on Skipping Cutscenes: For those who play online multiplayer, if players have the chance to harass others, it will likely occur. 

And Lost Ark isn’t immune to this. There’s a continuous debate in the Lost Arkcommunity concerning a particular issue related to the ability to skip cuts in a scene. 

Mainly, Lost Ark features a feature within its multiplayer dungeons for cooperative play that lets players skip cutscenes but only if the four players agree. 

It is no surprise that Lost Ark players are split on the correct manner of watching or skipping the cutscenes.

The subject recently appeared in a discussion thread on the main Lost Ark subreddit. A line titled “My bad!” includes a popular meme in which the CW actor who plays the character of The Flash sits over the grave of Oliver Queen, Green Arrow, and Green Arrow, smiles, and makes a peace sign.

 The Lost Ark meme includes the gravestone engraved with “Cutscene 3/4,” meaning three of four people can avoid the cutscene and the text over the Flash that reads, “Me: Enjoying the Cutscene.”

Thanks to this community Lost Ark community on Reddit, most of the posts that have been upvoted have a similar message. 

They’re all saying that they’re perfectly content watching the cutscenes even if someone within their group wants to view them. 

Everyone wants other gamers to have fun, and if that means watching the cutscenes, they’re allowed to watch the cutscenes.

 In the end, that’s why the voting system was created to help. 

It’s there to make sure that everyone has the chance to view scenes they want to.

Some people share horror stories as well. They’ve experienced the same thing on the game. 

They’ve had the opposite experience in-game. Lost Ark players say they tried to view the cutscenes but received nothing except unsatisfied messages and harassment from the members of their group. 

While the system lets players watch cutscenes whenever they want, it’s also going to create a large number of easily-angry players who abuse their colleagues.

After that, the discussion gets a bit more complicated and focuses on more minor subjects. Certain Lost Ark players believe that the plot isn’t worth the cutscenes in the first place, while others argue they think that watching the exact scene over and over again can make one think of putting them off.

There are arguments on both sides to consider. Lost Ark wouldn’t have put cutscenes in the middle of dungeons in a perfect world.

 Which was a design decision Final Fantasy 14 initially made and later halted with its expansions too. 

However, as it stands, the players should be friendly to one another regardless of whether or not they want to see scenes or not.

Lost Ark is now available on PC.