Where to Find Rovlen In Lost Ark?

Find Rovlen In Lost Ark: Lost ark It’s an MMOARPG created in collaboration with Smilegate RPG that’s been out for quite some time but is now making its way to the English-speaking world because of Amazon Game Studios.

The game is set on the planet of Artesia, in which players are required to hunt for the infamous Lost Ark to prevent it from falling into dangerous hands.

There are lots of Dungeons to explore and loot and treasure to find and bosses to be killed. Here’s the best place to look for Rovlen within Lost Ark.

Where to Find Rovlen In Lost Ark?

Rovlen is among the world’s most potent bosses you’ll encounter in Arkesia. Even though you’ll beat it pretty quickly when you progress through the story.

It’s worth completing this battle to have it documented inside Your The Adventurer’s Handbook to earn some additional reward points.

Rovlen is an ally level 25 that can be found in the continent West Luterra, which means that you don’t need to wait for long to see him.

1. Keep playing through the main story quests until you get to the Bibirin Forest zone.

2. Head to the southwest corner of the map, where the Grayhammer Mine dungeon is, and you’ll find Rovlen hanging around in the area outside the dungeon itself.

Because Rovlen is a world-class boss, this means that it’ll return to the exact location each 30 min or that’s. However, because others on the server beat it, you may have to wait until it spawns once more.

3. Once it spawns, defeat it to get it recorded in your Adventurer’s Tome.

The majority of the content, Lost Ark, is done on your own, but it’s advised to bring a group for battle when you’re still working your journey to the end of the tale. 

Rovlen is a plethora of deadly attacks that can strike anyone. So whether you’re near or far away from him, you’ll most likely require backup.

After defeating it, Rovlen will leave plenty of loot and other items to all the players who participated in the battle. In addition, the fight will be documented within your adventurer’s Tome.

The boss will appear in the same spot in about 30 minutes, which means you’ll be able to stay there for a while if you intend to farm the area.

This is all you need to know how to locate Rovlen In Lost Ark.