Is Driver Easy Safe or Not? Review by Expert

Driver Easy is a well-known driver updater software for Windows computers. It makes updating all the outdated drivers and repairing problematic drivers very easy. But, is it safe to use? A lot of users on the web have reported it as a scam and unwanted software. Are they right? Or, maybe they are just misguided.

Let’s find everything out here. In this post, we’ll try to take a look at finding the genuine answer to the question ‘Is Driver Easy Safe or Not?” We installed the popular driver updater, used it for a month and then concluded the things that we’ll share here.

Is Driver Easy Safe? Review

What is Driver Easy?

Driver Easy is a driver updater software for Windows that makes downloading and updating drivers for various hardware on your PC really easy. It is available for all the versions of Windows from XP to Windows 10 and for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions. This tool comes in a free and a paid version, which is known as Driver Easy PRO. The highlights of Driver Easy is it’s clean and very easy to understand user-interface, fast actions, and single-click driver updating.

Here are some outstanding features of Driver Easy that explain why it became a great success over the course of years.

  • Really easy to use, lets you update all the outdated drivers in a single click.
  • Available for all the versions of Windows.
  • The free version has enough features and you can also purchase the Pro version for added benefits.
  • Shows you a comparison between the currently installed driver and the driver that should be installed as an update.
  • It can also work as a system information tool as it displays the basic info about CPU, motherboard, graphics card, etc.
  • You can also use it to download Windows Updates at a faster pace.

These are some features of Driver Easy that make you think about installing the program on your PC. But, is it really needed for your PC?

Is Driver Easy Needed for your PC?

The main purpose of Driver Easy is to update the drivers of your PC automatically or manually in a simple method. If you are able to manually update the drivers on your PC using the Device Manager or from the official websites, then you don’t need Driver Easy or any other driver updater tool. However, if manually updating the drivers is not your thing, then you can definitely consider installing Driver Easy. It really eases out the process.

Now that if you are thinking about having it, it is essential that you know if it is safe for your PC. Let’s find it out next.

Is Driver Easy Safe for your PC?

To find out if Driver Easy is safe for my PC, I installed the free version and used it for more than a month. In that tenure, I found absolutely no problem with the software. The only problem I faced was that the free version offers a little slower download speed. But, I guess that is meant to inspire us to purchase the pro version. Other than that, everything else was fine. If you don’t like going to the Device Manager and checking up on the drivers manually, you can definitely trust this tool. The best part is that it uses only certified drivers.

Both the versions of Driver Easy are completely safe to use, and you can go on with your decision to use them. However, you will face certain limitations on the free version that will literally force you to upgrade. I also checked the tool with my Antivirus and the Google Software Reporter tool, both of them gave Driver Easy the green flag. Windows Defender also has no problem with it. From this, we can conclude that Driver Easy is absolutely safe for your PC.

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Is Driver Easy Safe PC Performance-wise?

Driver Easy only detects the outdated, corrupted and incorrectly configured drivers on your system and offer to repair them. It doesn’t impact your computer’s overall performance. Normally, this tool consumes only <20% of your Disk and CPU when active. Hence, it doesn’t put any load on the machine. So, you don’t have to worry about the performance of your PC while running it.

However, sometimes it may abnormally consume high amounts of Disk. When this happens, you can simply End the process, uninstall it and re-install it later. This shall solve the problem.

Is Driver Easy a Virus?

No, Driver Easy is not a virus. Neither it contains any viruses or other threats. As I mentioned earlier also, I checked with my antivirus and found no signs of this tool being harmful to my computer. So, you don’t have to worry about it being a virus or malware.

Is Driver Easy’s Website Safe? is the website from where you can download and purchase Driver Easy. Additionally, this website also provides solutions to some common PC issues including the Blue Screen and Black Screen ones. While going through their posts, we found that most of the problems listed on the website have a common solution, that is, using Driver Easy.

We don’t know if that actually works or just the company’s policy of selling their product. Otherwise, everything else is fine with their website.

Some Useful Driver Easy Reviews from the Web

To know about the legitimacy of Driver Easy some more, we went through some reviews of the driver updater. The results came in favor of the tool. Out of the 2545 reviews, around 72% of the users found Driver Easy excellent and gave it 5 stars. Only 12% of the people rated it as ‘Poor’ and ‘Bad.’ They had their own reasons for that. Here are some of the reviews that you should give a look at.


  • Jarrett Crawford: Amazingly easy, just click and set back and let Driver Easy do all the work. It upgraded 168 drivers in less than 20 minutes. My PC is running great.
  • Bobthahog76: The subscription that I had bought last year doesn’t expire until May 7th and I just purchased another year thinking it would add-on to what I already had and I don’t think it did. So I think that’s kind of wrong. It was under the same name, email address and phone number. So I thought the new subscription I bought would not go in effect until my one in May expired. It would be cool if they could fix this. Thanks.
  • Conner Vance: Despite the functionality of this tool, the facts they slow your download speed by at least 10x so you will pay extra to them to get the speeds you normally should have is enough to make this tool worth only one star.
  • Rick: Great software! Keeps all drivers up to date automatically.
  • Roger: I have been using Driver Easy for around one year now. It is the greatest for keeping all of my drivers up to date. Very easy to use and it also provides other information about your system. It makes a backup every time so if you have to you can go back to the previous driver. Anyone that has a computer should have this installed.


Summing it up

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Here is a short summary of what is written above. The answer to the question “Is Driver Easy Safe?” is Yes, it is safe and you can use it. The popular driver updater has little to no issues overall. You can definitely choose it if you want to ease out the driver updating process on your PC. However, I’d recommend that you should not rely on third-party tools and do that yourself only.

That’s all for this post. I hope you have made your opinion with the help of this post. If you have any queries or suggestions for anything mentioned above, feel free to visit the comments section.