How To Underline In Discord [ Step By Step Guide ]

Sometimes you have seen many other discord users using different tempting formats of text Like Underline, Bold, Italic, Cross out also adding lots of beautiful colors and styles to send text messages in Discord. Since Discord doesn’t have integral formatting options, So How to Underline in Discord plus other effects. If it doesn’t have and supports an inbuilt option don’t worry you can perform various operations by using Markdown syntax. Below we talk about some points of discord chat formatting.

So stay with us and you will learn how to write attractive Discord posts and messages. it’s not a lengthy process to format text in your Discord messages or posts. Markdown can complete the task in a few seconds. What you need to do is just adding some symbols before an after your sentence that’s it. And the text will be shown in a different matter. For each effect, Markdown has a separate code. Reddit also supports Markdown languages so You can also use it in their comment box.

Discord is a Voice or video chat instant messaging VoIP app and this application is related to programs same as TeamSpeak or Skype. Discord is one of the best places for the gaming community to come together through voice and text channels on Discord. Although most of the gamers use it for live streaming and because of screen sharing feature. Also, discord allows its users to talk while playing online games.

How to Underline in Discord

After using this application once, you will be addicted to it automatically and If you are a new user in discord, this post will help you throughout the entire setup of text formats. By underline text, you will make your words stand out or simply highlight a specific message. These eye-catching results have changed the way of reading. Also, when someone views your message he/she experiences an awesome effect on the focus text. It concentrates users to your main point.

This Underline text formatting style is most popular in the discord server. Many people want to use it but they don’t know the process of How to Underline in Discord correctly. So I made some steps. Just look forward.

  • First, Launch the discord app through any platform and open the Discord Personal Message section.
  • In Discord, chatbox type any message which you want to add underline impact on it.
  • Now with the help of the keyboard add two underscores ( __ ) Just before and after of your sentences. You can add it by pressing the Shift + –
  • For example, If you want to underline this sentence ” How to Underline in Discord ” Then you need to write it like __How to Underline in Discord__ That’s enough to convert it.
  • Or If you want to make a specific word to be underlined then you should write it as ” How to Underline in __Discord__ ” ( Without Quotes )
  • At last, hit the enter button, To confirm it to send a message.
  • As you click enter message will be shown with Underline To other users.

Some Other Discord Chat Formats

Discord is not limited to one format its totally up to you how you use them. Discord is completely a text-based engine and so placed symbols properly to change your text in bold, italics, underlined, strikethrough, etc. also you can add colorful impression on text make spoiler tags, and many more. But in this section, we inform you about some common effects used randomly in all-day chat.

  • To Bold text: One of the most basic forms Bold Text, Write up Message and Use two asterisks ( ** ) before and after the text.
  • For Italic: Use only one asterisk ( * ) before and after the text and send the message.
  • To Underline: As we told above Use two Underscores ( __ ) before and after the text.
  • Spoiler Tag: Spoiler makes your content more interesting by hiding them with blur impact to use it just adds two vertical bars ( || ) before and after the text.
  • Strikethrough or Cross Out: Type a message on the chatbox and Use two tildes ( ~~ ) before and after the text.
  • For Bold + Italic: Just Use three asterisks ( *** ) before and after the text.
  • Bold + Italic + underline + strikethrough Combination at the Same time: Use two tildes, two underscores, and three asterisks ( ~~__*** )before and after the text.

There are the basic commands often used repeatedly to make the conversation more attractive. So try out different styles of fonts in Discord with text markdown formats. You have to simply put the above symbols or characters around the message that you want to change the look.

How to Underline in Discord with Bold and italic text effect

But why stop with underline only? So we performing various other combinations of markdown syntax you need to understand first which code is using for which purpose. So With the simple tricks, which empower your skills, you can impress others also with your code writing styles.

Before moving into advanced text formatting we provided the essential text formatting options. Which found on Discord usually. Here we made it very easy to use codes, you can modify any text styles in Discord without too much effort.

  • The first step, open up the discord app and enter the text whatever you want to send.
  • After that, For Bold + Underline you need to add two underscores ( __ ) and two asterisks ( ** ) just before and after the text Looks Like ( _** ).
  • And for Italic + Underline you have to add two underscores ( __ ) with only one asterisk key ( * ) like ( _* )
  • Now press the enter key to send a message.
  • Your text will be reflected as both Underline and bold effects to others at the same time.

We have also a separate post on How to bold and How to Italic where we discuss all the possibilities of combining codes so if you are a discord fanboy must check it.

NOTE: There is one limitation in discord. Some of the codes works for the full sentence you can not highlight any part or any single word. But the good thing is all markdown codes are working fine with any platform either it is iOS or Android device.


Though, when it comes to communicating with maximum numbers of Discord members, users prefer text channels. That’s why the VoIP platform made it possible for people to be creative with their texts through Discord Markdown codes.

We hope that you have happily used the Discord font formatting options and I think your issue for How to Underline in Discord got well answer by the above mentions steps. If you haven’t tried yet just try once with the help of this article techniques. Using selected text formatting makes visually appealing effects when needed.


  • Question: How to escape text in discord and see the underscores?
  • Answer: Use Backslash (\) after each word in your text to make the impact of underscores.
  • Question: What is Markdown in discord?
  • Answer: Markdown is a markup language utilized for format and combines stylistic elements to plain text. It’s a smooth function and lightweight engine that operates on the background of Discord for text formatting.