How To Log Out Of Discord [ Step by Step Guide ]

Everyone has the right to keep their privacy secure by making personal accounts and the best thing about personal accounts is whenever they want they make the sign in, sign out, or delete it. I post many articles on discard regarding Discord doubt but in this post, we talk about How to Log Out of Discord? from any platform whether it is Android, iOS, or Windows.

For addicted gamers Discord account is truly special to them. But a small mistake or bit of carelessness from your side can get your account decline. There is a bunch of private data and personal chats in someone’s Discord account which can be too valuable to waste. So, whenever you have a feeling that your account is compromised just check out this article to save it here we also discuss another alternative option rather than negotiating it.

Moreover, once you close your account permanently, the process of preparing it back can be very desperate and time-consuming. The secondary solution to this you can still disable your discord account rather than delete it. I suggest the best thing you can do is log out of Discord from all the devices with one click.

How to Log Out of Discord

Discord is a great app widely used by gamers to get connected with their joined groups and also use discord to do voice calls as well. Although today’s game comes up with lots of features already included. But in some games, we can’t communicate properly by the inbuilt function of PC, So gamers use this app as a second option. The biggest competitor of discord in the market is skype but both have different functionality. Though in this section, we giving info on How to Log Out of Discord see let’s discuss it.

If the portal allows people to make a login via ID and PASS into any account, they will make a logout option too. But if you decide to leave discord for some time, So before doing that, make sure that your account isn’t being used on a device that is not yours here are the steps for logging out of your account.

How to Log Out of Discord from android or iPhone

Android develops to make our task handy. And sign out from discord from any android device is quite simple. Just open the discord app and visit your account then follow the below instructions.

  • Open the Discord app on your Mobile or tablet. The discord icon seems similar to a blue circle with a white game controller.
  • Tap on the icon of three horizontal lines. This option is available at the upper-left corner of your mobile screen. As you press it will open the main navigation menu.
  • Then, you can swipe your screen to the right to open this menu bar.
  • Hit the white gear symbol on the navigation menu. This button is placed in the lower-right corner of your screen. This will start your user settings page.
  • Touch on the white box icon beside the right arrow in it. This button is placed next to three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • You are done! This command will sign you out of your Discord account.

How to Log Out of Discord From Windows or Mac

Discord works perfectly on any ecosystem because of the app was design with flexibility for any device. So the login and logout process is the same from both the Desktop version. So I try to cover this topic in this section of the post only.

  • First, let’s Open up the Discord app. For PC app This is also a blue and white game controller icon written labeled of “discord”,
  • If you are working on Windows, you will locate it in the Windows menu. Or on a Macbook, you will locate it on your launchpad.
  • If you are accessing Discord from a web browser, then visit and make an account sign in.
  • It’s near your username at the base of the screen, near the left side. This appears in the User Settings window.
  • Just Scroll down to the left-hand side column and agree with Log Out. A verification window will appear.
  • At last, click Log Out to confirm. You are now successfully logged out from the Discord account.

How to Log Out of Discord from all Device

Log out discord from all devices will help you when you realize someone is using your account from a different location whom you don’t know which is more horrible. So what can you do is by changing some settings you can make Sign Out from all devices wherever they are using doesn’t matter. There are primarily two methods just watch

  1. By Changing Your Discord Password: Instantly as you realize someone else is using your account without your permission. Just make a login and change your password by using strong symbols and make the length more than 14 characters also change the username if possible. As you change the password Discord automatically takes logged out of all the other devices workers the same as Facebook or Instagram I think you know about this function.
  2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication: This is the best security feature considering as safety of the account you saw it in Gmail frequently. When you enable that, you have to input a 6 number code along with your password every time you want to login to Discord. But what if you’ve previously enabled the Two-factor authentication you can still sign out of Discord from all the different devices by disabling the two-factor authentication. But for future security support, you must enable it every time.

Final Thought

So this post is all about How to Log Out of Discord but people are also searching for another option of it like Can I Delete my Discord Account? Of course yes there is no limitation with discord you can do anything with your account what you wondering. Just remember don’t do any policy violence before doing that. If you deleting for any other reason always Go For It. But understand there is a lot of personal data and private chats in your Discord account which can be too important to lose. So think before deleting. There is also an alternative option to disable the account so before deleting just try once. It will completely hide your Discord account from the Internet.

FAQs about How to Log Out of Discord

How do I log out of the discord app?

First, open the app and visit the Settings section, there you will see a Forward, by pressing on it you can Sign out of your Discord app.

How do I log out of discord on all devices?

All the devices have the same process to log out in the discord App. If you have several mobile standbys, then the app works the same. So, to log them escape, you have to visit the settings option again. Which is On the uppermost side, you will find a forward choice. If you click on it, you will find the option to log out.

Can I transfer Discord Account to my friend?

No, you can’t but one thing you can do is you can transfer your server authority to anyone or you can also sell your light server to someone. If you are an admin discord gives this power to you.

How do you switch off accounts on discord mobile?

You can’t switch off your account and only you can log out of the Discord app.