How To Share Audio On Discord [ Quick Simple Way ]

Using discord audio sharing, a game player can interact with other live gamers. A player also can express their thought via text or voice messages through discord. But in the past few months, many people informed about discord screen share audio not working and we want strong solutions for How to Share Audio on Discord.

Solving any difficulty will become simple if we know the exact reason behind the problem. So Before performing any operations of the suggested troubleshooting steps mentioned below it’s best to restart your computer first.

Out of the many features introduced by discord, the sharing screen is the most popular but it gets more annoying when the audio doesn’t share with the live video stream. If you’re experiencing Discord no audio issues continuously when streaming your screen, here’s are some technics for how to fix Discord sound problems easily.

Why Discord Audio Share Not Working

There are plenty of reasons but if we look at common things the main thing is our system configured sometimes the newer version of apps doesn’t support all the features properly or we called Incompatibility of Applications. So what you can do is just update the discord app as well as your system config too and also allows settings in-app to get high-quality sound effects.

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The second basic reason is the network issues this sucks our time and effort and every time disappoints us so use the good bandwidth internet connection. And lastly, if all conditions are in your fervor then check your microphone is working or not. This is a common phenomenon below we discuss major reasons behind it.

How to Share Audio on Discord

#1. Reset Discord Voice Settings

In discord, If you recently altered of voice tune setting by manually editing for a better sound experience. Changing in the discord voice settings can cause this audio issue so Try to reset the voice settings to default mode to see if it fixes the issue. Check this guide.

  • Launch discord, you will find the Settings icon at the right bottom side of the, click on it.
  • For Reset Voice Settings Select the Voice and Video option.
  • When you confirm tap the Okay button.
  • Share your screen again for a demo with another user to test the issue.

Also, check the Computer Audio Settings

  • Open the window search box and Type “Microphone privacy settings”
  • Now ensure that the option for Allow apps to access your microphone is turned On.
  • Make assured that Discord access turned on.
  • Save changes and exit.

#2. Update your audio driver

Audio drivers are the main elements that combining with the hardware on your computer by the operating system. There are cases when a corrupted audio driver can cause this problem and the application was not transmitting the audio properly and you will experience a discord screen share audio mic stop working. You can update your device drivers manually So just navigate to the device manager and install the latest drivers. If you unable to find here are the steps

  • Press and hold the Windows + R button then type “msc” in the dialogue box and hit Enter.
  • As the device manager expand the category list of Audio inputs and outputs, right-click.
  • Right-click on the sound hardware setting and choose the Uninstall device.
  • Now Right-click at any place on the screen and choose Scan for hardware
  • The system will now automatically scan for any hardware which not installed on pc and then find the sound module It will directly install the by default drivers.
  • Once the default drivers are installed successfully just restart your computer

#3. Run Discord as an administrator

To perform some tasks in Discord administrative permission is mandatory like when you allow the screen share feature it shares the whole computer screen including audio with other users remotely. So to give the application administrative access you need to do these setups in a discord setting. This allows it to use full computer resources and utilize the app functioning properly.

  • Open File Explorer by pressing Windows Key + E to launch. Now find the path where Discord is installed.
  • The default install position is inside Local Disk C’s Program Files.
  • Once when you entered the installation directory, right-click on the applications and choose
  • In Properties, click on the Compatibility tab and review the option which indicates Run this program as an Administrator.
  • Press Apply to save changes and exit.

#4. Use Push to Talk

Discord has a built-in option to detect any audio activity automatically whenever there is an audio activity generated and transmit it accordingly over the internet.

The other alternative is to stop the automatic disclosure of audio activity and change to push to talk. To arrange it open your application’s settings and you would have to manually push a specific key.

Although the audio to be captured and transmitted throughout the internet so beware of the disadvantage. If you want to stop this automatic detection feature in discord You can always set the operation on default when Discord gets stable enough in the future.

#5. Clear Discord Cache & Roaming data

To make the app faster and temporary operations data Discord used to cache and roaming data in its program. So Try to clearing Discord Roaming data. A corrupted Discord cache or temporary files can induce no audio Other than this is a more useful component. So deleting cache files may solve your problem here are the steps.

  • Close the Discord app and close all the discord related task through Task Manager.
  • Press the Windows key and type Run. In the resulting list, click on Run to bring on the Run command box.
  • On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and type %appdata%. Then, press the Enter
  • Next in the Roaming folder location of AppData find the folder named on Discord. Right-click on a folder and then choose Delete.
  • At last reboot, your desktop, and after the system has restarted, start Discord and review if the issue is resolved or not. If not just look at the next resolution.

#6. Restart and Update Discord

After applying any one of the above solutions just restart or reboot your computer and the problem still occurs then the last solution I recommended to you is by The developers of Discord regular updates release time to time to fix all the bugs. It’s possible that a previous update has an issue and stopped working in the audio department. So just walk through towards the newer one here is how to install and download.

  • On your keyboard, hold the Windows + R key at the same time to open the Run dialog.
  • On the search box just type %localappdata% and press the OK
  • Double-click on the Discord logo.
  • Double click again on exe and wait some time for the update process to be finished.
  • Reopen the Discord app to test audio is working perfectly or not.


So always when you install any app never go with the crack downloaded version because they don’t provide full functionality sometimes. That’s why this type of issue came. And regarding the topic How to Share Audio on Discord, this is the solution just apply one by one if you didn’t get results according to you.