How to Italicize in Discord – Best Simple Way

When you search about How to Italicize in Discord you will find there is no visible option in the discord app to make text or sentences in italicize form but yet other users are written text in italic form. How are they doing that?

If you love to stream video games you surely hear about Discord. The Discord application is mainly focused on gamers They can talk to other players in live stream Sending messages in italic & other fonts in Discord is much easy you just need to use some syntax code The app supports communication features such as video calls, messaging, and voice chat. Discord is an all-in-one software supported on all platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and other web browsers.

Discord is a popular VoIP voice and chats application where people meet and hang out, chat via text, video, or voice. The basic difference between Discord , Skype and TeamSpeak is that Discord consists of servers and rooms that host a text and voice chatroom. Discord has become one of the reliable and professional platforms for communication for Gamers, businesses, and education.

What is Markdown Text in Discord

Markdown is Originally created in 2004 by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz, designed to make the read/write experience more enjoyable. Markdown is a lightweight markup language. Discord isn’t the only app to use Markdown Reddit also, uses it to format comments. Discord’s chat formatting system “Markdown Text” has two methods to make the text italic below we discuss in brief so keep scrolling.

And as Discord update comes every month nothing can replace it in the future. There are a few basic things you should know about markdown you can create underlines, bolded letters, strikethrough text, italics, and even colors in Discord or in Reddit comments is a very straightforward process. It covers every info we talked about in this article.

How to Italicize in Discord

This article is based on how to italicize in discord while texting on Discord. Discord chatbox accepts Markdown syntax, which is a simple plain text formatting system that’ll support you to make your word stand out. You can do that, by using a keyboard and adding a symbol or combination of symbols for others formatting.

  • First, open up the Discord text box and type a message.
  • Now add an ( _ ) underscore key on both sides of the text which you want to make italicize.
  • For example, if you want to write “How to Italicize in Discord” in an italic form then what you need to type is like _How to Italicize in Discord_
  • Simple Do that, and press enter. Your text will be shown in the italicized form to viewers.

NOTE: If you want to make italicize only some words of your sentence then add ( _ ) underscore symbol only around that word.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? let us know about in the comments segment.

How to Italicize Bold in Discord?

This is where you learn how to italic your text to make your message more effective but what about if you wondering to do it with another formatting combination like How to Italic bold at the same time. The working process is similar to the above by applying different Markdown text you get a muffled result. Like in this case by a number of some asterisks key you do that follow

  • Again type any message in the Discord text box.
  • Now what you need to do is just add three asterisks key ( *** ) by pressing SHIFT+8 on your keyboard just before and after your message.
  • I hope you understand but for example, you just wrote it like ***How to Italic Bold in Discord***
  • You are done just press enter and send a message.
  • Discord will make it BOLD + ITALIC

Isn’t it looks cool, Just share this trick with friends & family and make your chatting experience more worthy.

How to Italicize in Discord with Underline Option

Wish you enjoyed reading this post. I cover all the combination which can be possible with Italic font in discord. In order to make them effective, you use various ways to present your thought. These formats make some uniqueness because many people even don’t know about how to bold in discord so whenever you make different format they still wondering hows it possible. leave them in suspense and read about our next format which is Italic + Underline

  • So in the discord message box type any text.
  • Now via keyboard type two underscore and one asterisk symbol looks like this (__* ) before the text and ( *__ ) after the text.
  • That’s it you are done here.
  • As you click to send the message it will automatically be converted into Italic + Underline

How to Italicize in Discord with Strikethrough

Different format makes some sense to attract or engage more audience via your unique chatting style. It might be given a positive response sometimes. So if you write something and want to strikethrough with a line then just look at down.

  • Open up the discord app textbox and type a message.
  • Now the main point just adds one tilde and one asterisk ( ~* ) symbol Throughout the entire sentence.
  • It will appear as Italicize + Strikethrough as you click the send button.

NOTE: if you want to do the only strikethrough on the word then just add the tilde (~) key on both side

How to Italicize in Discord with Bold and Underline format

We wanted to acknowledge you with alternative layouts in markdown. As I told you by a different combination of keys you get various results. So here we are adding three formats which are Italic, Bold, and underline but things go the same as you did above

  • Just type a message in the discord app chatbox.
  • Now by using your keyboard just type this symbol ( __*** ) before the word and this one (***__ ) after the word without bracket.
  • Hope you got my point I give many examples above just repeat that point.
  • And your text will be shown as Italic, Bold as well as underline at the same time to your friends.


This is simple as it looks by just wrapping your text you create a new style. I understand many newbies are stucked in between these issues of How to Italicize in Discord and how to bold but don’t worry this is the common thing everyone faces in starting of any new apps. So above we talked about the most common formatting options in Discord using Markdown codes just apply them and also we make a separate post about different formats and how to use tags and server-related issues so check them too.