How to Enable Screen Share on Discord Server

Communicate with your gaming squad through the discord screen share option if you didn’t use this amazing feature by using your Desktop screen then you might miss some adventure on gaming. So if you wondering How to Enable Screen Share on Discord Server to communicate with others read this coolest article.

Discord is an instant messaging and chatting VoIP app which communicates directly via voice, video, or text, and joins servers where larger communities can interact together mostly used for streaming online by pro gamers. Since it is an all-rounder application where you create your own personal server for high-quality video conference.

Utilizing the Screen Share feature in Discord doesn’t require the installation of any extra software. And one more outstanding in-built feature of Discord at the same time of screen share you can also implement video calling.

What is Discord Screen Share?

By the Discord screen share feature, It allows you on the Discord chat server to interact. Typically, up to 10 other members can connected to your Discord stream But due to COVID -19 pandemic Discord increase the limit up to 50 at a time. Discord completely replaced video conferences working way. Discord Screen Share option has made Discord an incredibly efficient tool for virtual collaboration. This is One of the most powerful features added in August 2017.

Where you can share your computer’s screen and explain something to the other party, At this time were people suffering from corona and stay at home so online classes are in Big trend so via discord screen share function you can show your Education projects to students, give presentations, enlarge the online business, etc.

How to Enable Screen Share on Discord Server

Most people don’t know about the Screen share and video calling feature of discord because it recently added and they only use voice and text chat for communicating. For enabling this feature gear up with your video and audio hardware configuration setting properly.

Some might think Skype can be a good alternative, but that can’t compare to Discord’s functions versatility, stability, and engagement with gamers as you want by adding roles or staying connected by dealing with a larger audience.

Discord screen-sharing is an easy way to share visual information with co-workers, streamlets plays, and connect with like-minded fans. In this post, we inform you about 2 Easy steps to configuring and managing the screen sharing feature of Discord So, let’s enable it.

First Setup Voice & Video setting in Discord

  • First of all modify some settings, Just launch the Discord software on your computer.
  • Now, locate the Settings icon in the below-left edge of the screen, near to your username. Click on it to enter Discord Settings.
  • After going to the “App Settings” navigate Voice & Video setting which is mentioned on the left pane.
  • The Voice Settings part will be shown on your screen. Here, you can arrange the input and output sound, and also check if your Mic is working properly or not. Also, ensure that the Voice Activity option is marked.
  • Scrolling below, and set up the Video settings. And, you will notice the option “Test Video” to test any footage from your webcam as well.
  • If you are working on Discord Web Interface, make sure to allow permission to camera access by clicking on the Allow button in the pop-up.
  • Once everything is set, save the settings, now you are ready for the screen share process just scroll a bit.

Now Add Friends and Start Video and Screen Sharing

Let first add any friend to your friend list. you must know their account or username Once Friend added, you can now get the call started. The next step is to connect to a friend or colleague for a screen share in the Discord server or maybe just for a voice/video call. Although the steps are pretty straight-forward just look at below.

  • To add friends, Navigate the “Homepage” of Discord by clicking on the Discord logo.
  • Alongside, you will see the Add Friend choice highlighted in green color on head of the window.
  • Now, search your friend’s account username you wish to add and send a request.
  • After your friends accept your invite, they will all appear on your friend’s list and click on the Friends option mentioned on the left pane.
  • By clicking on the friend’s name, It will open their personal message window.
  • On the Discord chat box window just beside it the friend’s username you can easily find out appropriate icon to begin a Video Call, Voice Call, Add friend, etc.

Simply click on the icons and start the further process but here we talk about How to Enable Screen Share on Discord Server so just hit the video call logo and share the screen with each other.

NOTE: Share Sound While Sharing A Screen

Don’t forget to share your sound while you sharing the screen on discord Otherwise, explaining things will difficult to understand to your partners. To enable it just by toggling icons. Rather than audio share other options also available on the app like the Mute or Unmute button, Video calling, Disconnect button, etc.


Try to access screen sharing full feature is amazing and worth it in every asset. Also, encourage to influence people towards it to build an audience rather than wasting time on skype and other alternatives. Screen share is the easiest way to share information across the world It’s allowing up to 10 users to collaborate together on projects from a distance. it won’t even take more than 2 minutes to successfully Share Screen between two desks. And if you have more doubts and problems regarding How to Enable Screen Share on Discord Server just go through below FAQ section. And come to the website again where we discuss everything you need to know about the Discord App.


Q: Can I Share Screen on Discord Mobile?

Ans: Unluckily, you cannot share the screen on Discord mobile at this time. It is only feasible from the Discord desktop app. However, You can watch a live stream from Discord mobile. Also, You can still perform audio and video call on Discord mobile while viewing a live stream.

Q: What to do when screen sharing doesn’t work?

Ans: Recently Discord screen share has been reported to have some bugs like one common problem ‘Discord screen share black screen’ reported by many users another issue is screen freezes or turns black. This is mostly happening because of the automatic switching of GPU. So what you can do is just restart the PC and update the latest version of the app because sometimes the application goes corrupted that’s why screen flickering also occurs so Clear all the junk files and cache also and reinstall the app.

Q: Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

Ans: We’ve also received lots of commonly asked FAQ about discord screen share audio not working. Discord says that by the latest update of the app, this bug has reportedly been fixed. But still, if you face problems. So I suggest you do the above audio and video setting properly which I mentioned or it may be happening because the application has been corrupted so also Clear all the junk files and cache and try again with the above steps.