How to Delete Discord Account

How to Delete Discord Account Deleting your Discord account is very simple and easy to do. There are several different reasons which create thought of deleting it seems you want to switch to a different chat app like skype. but If you’re not sure about deleting all your data, So Discord allows you to both delete and disables option, therefore, you also disable your Discord account instead, This will deactivate your account, and allows you later to reopen it again if you want.

While your account is in a disabled condition, you won’t receive any notifications regarding anything, although users will still be capable to send you friend requests. You can return to your profile page to re-activate it.

If you own a server, I suggest you transfer ownership of it before deleting the account Once you’re sure your servers have transferred ownership or can be deleted.

Discord created their text and voice chat servers for the people who love playing games together. Discord servers grew more in the past few years and improve the functions of audio, video chat, and streaming services. They also support gamers to interact with the same group even when they’re playing different games as well as the same game.

If you made up your intention and you wish to delete it permanently from the discord server, you can perform this operation by following steps on the browser and desktop client.

Before Deleting Account Transfer Discord Server Authority

If you operate any particular group or server on Discord in which lots of audience or fans are still connected then you must need to take this extra step before deleting your account. Because it takes lots of time and effort to establish a popular server. And if that super active then It’s a total loss for you to direct deleting it without thinking about it.

So if you finally decide to delete the discord account first you should be transferred administrative rights to another owner instead of deleted. Deleting them is also fine if they haven’t been active for a long time.

  • In the Discord app, click on your server name from the list and open up the Server Settings.
  • On the left-hand side menu, underneath User Management locate and click on the Members.
  • While Once you have finally decided the big decision on who gets charge of your kingdom.
  • Hover the mouse over the user’s name and click on the three vertical white dots.
  • From the dialog menu list, press on Transfer Ownership.

As the transfer process is completed you lost authorities and become a regular member of the server or role assigned to you by the new server owner. If your server has no one trustworthy to hand it you might as well just delete it. Look at below to delete it Successfully.

How to Delete Discord Account

Want to remove your Discord account? here are the short steps that will only take a minute to delete it. for forever from discord history.

We also have some information related to discord activation and deactivation accounts that could help you if you’re trying to delete a Discord account. Once you’re sure your servers have transferred ownership or can be deleted then apply these steps

  • Open Discord app on your Mac or PC Once you have logged in click the gear icon located in the bottom-left corner of the screen, near your username.
  • Click on your “User Settings.” (The Cog icon) You can do this in a browser or on your desktop application.
  • Under User Settings, you’ll see the “My Account” option.
  • Within this menu, choose to edit your account available at the bottom.
  • Choose the “Edit” option to get to the deletion process.
  • The next window prompted and ask to enter your password and your six-digit Two-Factor Authentication code if you enable it before completing the process.
  • Filling in your account information as they asked if you’re an owner of a server or multiple.
  • Once you confirm all the info deleting the discord account process will start.

Note: If you are not using 2 FA, you will not be asked to enter a code.

How to Disable Your Discord Account

As I told you before deleting the discord account permanently and if you have doubt either delete it or not then the best alternate option makes it disable from the discord server similar to social networks like Facebook then no one access your account and profile. typically means you are taking a break for some time.

Disabling your Discord account is the better choice because in the future if you mind changes you can retire back with your account with the same engagement.

  • Launch up the Discord app on your desktop screen.
  • Make an account logged in, start over to your User Settings (The Cog icon).
  • Press the My Account tab after then select Edit.
  • At the bottom last of the window, you will see the option to Disable Account located just beside the Delete Account option. Click it to disable your account.

Disable Your Discord Account through Mobile

The process of Disabling your account through mobile ( iOS or Android ) is the same as the above first visit my Account And at the bottom, you will see the option of Disable account. But it can not disable directly you’ll need to first put in a Request with Discord Support. This is the only way for mobile users as of now to delete their Discord Account.

How to Delete Your Discord Account Permanently

If Discord Help Center doesn’t solve your problem so Discord team recommends that you submit a ticket. For sending send a specific request to The Discord support team and send them help and support tickets.

If discord takes a long time for checking on an existing ticket and you want a quick answer so you can contact them on Twitter quite quickly Discord Twitter handle is @discordapp. Explain the whole situation and provide key information. The Discord support team should contact you immediately to resolve the issue and take action against deleting the person’s account.


After deleting my discord account am chat will be shown?

No. If you delete your account through the proper process your username will convert in default to discord user and no one recognizes you. But, all of your chats, images that you’ve sent, and texts will remain.

How do I delete a Discord server?

If you are s server owner just select “Server Settings” and “Delete Server” options to delete it. If can’t understand, you can follow the above easy steps. Users can delete their servers only.

Can I restart again my Discord account?

As told previously, you can reactivate your account in under 14 days. If you’ve contacted Discord’s support team for cancellation through Twitter or anywhere else you won’t be able to reactivate it because they are deleted permanently by the server, but you can create a brand new account.

How much time does it take to delete your discord account?

Discord doesn’t tell about how long it takes to delete your account. If you want to communicate to the Discord support team about ensuring that the account has been deleted, you can send them a ticket through their support page.